Argentina Embraces Bitcoin as Payment Method, Fuelling a 200% Surge in Profitable Crypto Mining, Priming BlockDAG Coin’s 2024 Success

Argentina allows Bitcoin (BTC) to be accepted as a mode of payment for contractual agreements. This latest crypto news opened doors for profitable crypto mining; with Bitcoin mining giving out unbelievable gains once again, the crypto market sees a $530 billion increase in its market capitalization. 

BlockDAG (BDAG) in presale cryptos also promises an exciting future for those who gain from its X-series mining machines. With $1 million already in 24 hours in its batch 1 presale, BDAG, among the best altcoins, is still looking to grab the market with its revolutionary mobile mining.

Argentina Adopts Bitcoin As an Acceptable Payment Method

Argentina, after winning the Fifa World Cup 2022, is now making headlines in crypto news. The Argentinian government has allowed Bitcoin to be accepted as a mode of payment for contractual agreements. In the latest announcement over X by Argentina’s Minister of Foreign Relations and International Commerce Diana Modino, Bitcoin, including other cryptocurrencies, now has a valid value to be used in legal contracts within Argentina.

The decision allows cryptos to be used as traditional currency for purchasing everyday goods like litres of milk or kilograms of meat. Furthermore, the post quoted an existing law, giving a solid legal base for this decision. However, the post focused on something other than the future policies of crypto. Still, this inclusion of Bitcoin in Argentinian’s money market aligns with President Milei’s latest monetary strategy, opening the door for profitable crypto mining within Argentina.

Bitcoin Anticipated for $160K Price Tag

Bitcoin mining has gained a lot of heat over 2023, with transaction fees averaging nearly $2 million daily, a staggering 400% increase over the year. The success of Bitcoin gives hope to crypto enthusiasts looking for profitable crypto mining. According to reports, the Bitcoin miners have earned more than $10 billion in 2023. This adds up to an all-time $57 billion total over the last 15 years. With the difficulty of mining increasing by 3.55%, Bitcoin miners have earned $44 million in block rewards.

Over the last few months, the Bitcoin mining fundraising was led by Northern Data, earning $600 million, while Phoenix Group earned $370 million. On the other hand, the remaining market earned $750 million on 98 deals. Looking at how the market is evolving, the bitcoin price in 2024 is anticipated to go as high as $160,000. 

BlockDAG Learning From Bitcoin’s Proof of Work

BlockDAG, taking inspiration from the all-time allure of Bitcoin, tries to follow the path of its icon. Motivated by the Bitcoin mining PoW mechanism, BDAG has launched its mining machines for profitable crypto mining. Going one step ahead of Bitcoin miners, BlockDAG introduced the concept of Mobile mining, making it easier to earn on the go. The vision to reach $600 million in 2024 further adds to the appeal of BlockDAG among investors looking for substantial gains.

BlockDAG leads the presale cryptos, reaching $1 million in 24 hours, marked by its innovative approach. The numbers showcase the potential of BDAG and why it lands among the best altcoins. The community’s trust in BlockDAG strengthens with its promise of launching its mainnet within six months. While the X-Series mining machines add real-world value to be sold for profits on third-party platforms, the charm of its success lies in the revolutionary aspect of its vision.

Learning From The Evolving Crypto Mining

Argentina’s adoption of Bitcoin for contracts marks a pivotal moment, fostering profitable crypto mining within the nation. The anticipation of Bitcoin hitting $160,000 in 2024, alongside BlockDAG’s success of $1 million in 24 hours, positions it among the best altcoins, offering innovative mobile mining and X-Series machines.

As the Bitcoin price value soars, the convergence of crypto-friendly policies, rising values, and groundbreaking solutions underscores the potential for profitable crypto mining within the crypto ecosystem. BlockDAG’s learning and evolving from the changing trends gives it a competitive edge over other presale cryptos.

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