Are These Three Cryptocurrencies Poised for a 1000% Increase in Value This Year: Optimism (OP), Meme Moguls (MGLS), and Stacks (STX)?

To make a profit from cryptocurrencies, it’s helpful to understand the trends. As crypto is generally in an uptrend, which sectors are set to benefit? Layer 2s and Gaming are two of the categories to watch. We’ll review three promising projects to consider for your portfolio.

Optimistic about Optimism?

While there are now many Layer 2 blockchains, Optimism and Arbitrum stand out for being two of the fastest with the highest adoption. People are particularly bullish about Optimism due to the ease of use of building on top of it. Coinbase for example built their own Layer-2 blockchain using the OP stack. 

While ARB is likely to go down due to the selling pressure from the huge token airdrops, experts are predicting that OP will rise next. That said, OP will also be subject to selling pressure, with only 25% of the total tokens unlocked, but the timing of most of the unlocks is yet to be decided.

Given that the current fully diluted market cap – $14 billion  (eg the current value of all Optimism if all tokens were unlocked) is currently larger than ETH’s market cap, this is a large amount of selling pressure. Therefore it seems unlikely that the price of OP will go up by 1000%.

Making Bank with Meme Moguls?

Meme Moguls is looking to make use of the resurgence of play to earn games. This gaming sector was huge in 21/22, before calming down a little. At that time, we had a few launched crypto games planned, and some playable and launched such as Axie Infinity.

The crypto gaming market has now matured and experts say it is ready for a second round. While non-crypto gamers initially felt resistance to crypto, fearing that it was just another way to extract money from them, industry experts understand the real implications for gaming. It’s simply a matter of time before crypto is interweaved with gaming.

Right now though, we are looking at Meme Moguls, a fantasy trading game currently in presale. Players build up their meme-based characters and beat other people by doing better on the wealth leaderboard. Apart from having fun and earning rewards in MGLS that can be used in the the game or cashed out for fiat, there is another secret to Meme Moguls – it’s a fun way to learn how to trade, with a network of people do it with. Learn and earn schemes proved popular with Binance and other exchanges and now this project mixes the best of them with a game.

As Meme Moguls is currently in presale at $0.036, and the community are growing increasingly excited, experts have predicted that the coin could reach $3.36, a 1000% gain. This is possible due to the innovative idea and also the early stage of the project. 

Super Stacks

Unlike Ethereum, Optimism and other smart contract-based chains, Bitcoin was only ever intended as a tradable currency. But people’s ingenuity never stops and that’s where Stacks comes in – a Layer-2 blockchain for Bitcoin. This enables features typically only found on platforms like Ethereum.

Stacks leverages Bitcoin’s security and network effects through a process called “Proof of Transfer”. This allows BTC to be “locked” via smart contracts for earning rewards and powering apps, while keeping the underlying protocol unchanged.

As a result, exciting new Bitcoin use cases emerge with Stacks. Decentralized finance, NFTs, tokenization, decentralized identities and organizational DAOs are now possible on Bitcoin through Stacks. Even more interesting is Stack’s unique consensus design which enables BTC holders to earn additional bitcoin just for participating in the network and staking Stacks tokens.

As developers rush to build on Stacks, this could catalyze a perfect storm of scarcity and increasing utility, that sends Stacks token prices soaring 1000% or more.

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