Arbitrum (ARB) vs. Everlodge (ELDG) vs. Chainlink (LINK): Which Crypto Dominates in Future Valuation

In the diverse landscape of cryptocurrency, three contenders have captured significant attention – Arbitrum (ARB), Everlodge (ELDG), and Chainlink (LINK). This article aims to explore their potential impact on future valuation within the crypto market. It’s worth noting that Everlodge is currently in its presale phase, an early stage where initial investors get a chance to buy the tokens before they hit the open market.

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Everlodge (ELDG): Bridging Luxury Real Estate with Crypto

Everlodge is set to revolutionize luxury property investments with a novel approach that democratizes the real estate landscape. With Everlodge, the once-distant dream of owning a share in a $9m New York apartment becomes tangible, with investment possibilities starting from just $100.

At the core of Everlodge’s strategy is the innovative integration of NFT technology. Each exclusive property is meticulously converted into a fractionalized NFT or non-fungible token. This allows investors to own a fraction of a property, and manage their ownership remotely – with no need for lengthy paperwork or complex legal processes.

But Everlodge is not merely a marketplace. Its Launchpad is a game-changer, offering property developers a unique platform to crowd-fund their ventures. Investors also benefit from unprecedented access to premium real estate opportunities at the ground level.

Adding to its multifaceted model, the Everlodge Rewards Club allows members to indulge in complimentary stays across a range of luxurious properties. What’s more, these earned nights aren’t just for relaxation; they can be flipped into an enticing passive income stream.

Enter the ELDG token, the beating heart of the Everlodge ecosystem. Token holders are ushered into a world of privileges, from staking rewards to exclusive property discounts. With its debut price pegged at a mere $0.01, a rush of investors are quickly flocking to this up-and-coming token.

Analysts are noting that Everlodge is upending a trillion-dollar market with a unique combination of crypto and real estate. The size of the market that Everlodge is targeting indicates the potential for massive returns in the near future, with bullish industry experts foreseeing a $1.00 ELDG price in the future.

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Chainlink (LINK): A Major Move for Blockchain Interoperability

Chainlink’s unique oracle functionality positioned it as an essential building block in the rapidly growing DeFi ecosystem. Chainlink’s rise from $2.25 to $50 was a testament to this trend, with its pricing momentum driven by soaring demand for DeFi protocols.

Chainlink’s subsequent retraction to $6.40 might have raised eyebrows, but it’s not uncommon for assets to retrace after such exponential growth. The broader bear market undoubtedly played a role, but a lack of real-world adoption was also cited by analysts.

Chainlink’s recent alignment with Swift, however, is a glimmer of hope. This partnership, aimed at linking various blockchains within the financial ecosystem, could reposition Chainlink at the forefront of the interoperability movement.

If Chainlink does break through the $10 resistance, a return to its all-time highs and toward $100 isn’t implausible before 2025. However, any gains are likely to be just a fraction of what Everlodge presale participants could enjoy.

Analyzing Arbitrum (ARB)’s 50x Gain Possibility Compared to Everlodge (ELDG)’s Growth

Arbitrum’s ascent in the DeFi space underscores the importance of scalability solutions and their appeal to users frustrated with high gas fees and slow transaction times. Arbitrum now has a TVL of $1.85 billion — an impressive figure for such a young project.

Arbitrum’s drop from $1.81 to $1.02 indicates some level of market correction or reduced investor confidence in the short term. However, most analysts believe this Arbitrum drop is due to profit-taking from those who received the Arbitrum airdrop.

The identified support and resistance levels of $1.00 and $1.30, respectively, are crucial indicators for traders. These Arbitrum thresholds will be watched closely, as breaking through them in either direction could signify a trend continuation or reversal.

With a current market cap of $1.2 billion, a 50x gain is possible for Arbitrum, but that would likely require Arbitrum to become the top layer-2 project. Everlodge has yet to start its growth cycle so a 50x gain for it is more likely.

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