ApeCoin Hits 7 Days of Growth as Investors Lean Towards Avalanche and InQubeta

InQubeta ($QUBE), Avalanche ($AVAX), and ApeCoin ($APE) are three of the top altcoins to watch and invest in as all three are poised for considerable growth. 

The InQubeta project is a new DeFi project that takes on mainstream financial institutions by providing an alternative way to invest in artificial intelligence. Its presale has already raised $3.7 million and early investors have doubled their investments. Those who invest in the project now get to 3x their capital during the presale’s remaining six stages. 

$APE is the utility and governance token of the ApeCoin ecosystem and its prices have grown 9% in the past week. At this rate, prices could grow 20% in the next week if highs established in early October are reestablished. 

$AVAX prices have been extremely volatile during the past month, but support has been found at the $8.9 mark and prices appear poised for a bull run. 

Top altcoins to watch: Investors leaning toward InQubeta ($QUBE)

The price changes that take place at each of the InQubeta presale’s ten stages offer investors the opportunity to grow their capital by up to 400%. $QUBE was sold for $0.007 during the event’s beta stage and is now going for $0.0133 during the fourth stage. Tokens will be priced at $0.0308 by the time they launch on exchanges. 

InQubeta providing an easier way to invest in artificial intelligence is a much-needed solution in the cryptocurrency space. The technology is on course to shake up industries worldwide and it’ll create investment opportunities in the process. InQubeta now opens up AI investments to those who have been denied entry by mainstream investment firms due to barriers like geographic or income restrictions. 

Here’s what the investment process on the InQubeta ecosystem looks like:

  • AI startups are assessed by InQubeta’s NFT team before getting access to the NFT marketplace where they mint investment opportunities into ERC20 coins aka non-fungible tokens (NFTs)
  • NFTs are affixed to the ERC 20 token list on the marketplace where patrons can learn more about the investment opportunities they offer and purchase them with $QUBE. The blockchain’s native token can be secured with fiat or top crypto coins
  • NFTs are transferred to investors after transactions are completed. Their value can be tracked through each user’s InQubeta account and they can be sold at any time

Buying and holding $QUBE is also an investment opportunity as prices are projected to reach a dollar by 2024. Hodlers can earn more $QUBE by staking their tokens to help secure and manage the ecosystem. 

ApeCoin ($APE) surges 9%

ApeCoin’s recent surge has recouped most of its losses in the past month and market metrics like its simple moving average at 1.0546 indicates more growth will occur. $APE prices are down 70% for the year and prices could grow 5x if highs established in February are reclaimed. 

Avalanche ($AVAX) generating increasing interest from investors 

Avalanche provides a layer one blockchain that provides a platform for custom blockchain systems and decentralized applications. It rivals the Ethereum ($ETH) network, providing faster transaction speeds. Prices have been volatile in the past month while shrinking by 2%.

However, support has been found at $8.9 and prices don’t seem to want to go any lower than that, making this a great time to pick up undervalued $AVAX tokens. Prices could double if highs set early in the year are reclaimed. 


$QUBE, $APE, and $AVAX are the top altcoins to watch right now. $QUBE is the most promising out of the trio as it provides a much-needed solution by opening up AI investments. The platform is poised for substantial growth as over $1.5 trillion is directed into artificial intelligence. 

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