APE Coin Reaches #1 Spot on CoinGecko Rankings After Top Trader Withdraws Over $5,000,000 – Should You Buy Now?

APE coin has secured its position as the top trending coin on CoinGecko. This surge in popularity is evident in its trading patterns, with the coin currently priced above the $2 mark, reflecting a commendable 6% increase in just the last 24 hours.

Well-known crypto analyst, Lookonchain (@lookonchain), recently shed light on some intriguing trading activities surrounding APE coin. Approximately 10 hours ago, Lookonchain highlighted the actions of another top crypto analyst, Machi Big Brother (@machibigbrother). Known for his astute ability to purchase APE coin during its lows and sell during its highs, Machi Big Brother made a significant withdrawal of 1.14M APE coins, equivalent to $2.32M, just three hours prior to Lookonchain’s tweet.

Tracing back to August 2, Machi Big Brother began his accumulation of APE coin, withdrawing a staggering 1.51M APE coins, valued at $3.09M, from the renowned crypto exchange, Binance.

“Is Now the Time to Buy $APE at the Bottom?” , asks LookOnChain

Fast forward to November 2022, and he executed a sale of 150,000 APE coins, raking in a cool $631,295. This sale was made at an impressive average selling price of $4.21 per APE coin.

A comprehensive analysis of Machi Big Brother’s trading behavior over the past six months reveals a pattern of strategic buying during the coin’s low phases and selling when the coin peaks. Such consistent and smart trading moves have solidified his reputation in the crypto community.

You can review our APE price prediction here.

Given these insights and the current buzz around APE coin, many are left wondering: Is now the opportune moment to invest in APE coin? While the market remains unpredictable, the coin’s recent traction and the strategic moves of seasoned traders like Machi Big Brother might hint at a potential upswing in the near future. As always, potential investors should conduct their own research and consult with financial advisors before making any investment decisions.

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