Analyst Shares Top 12 Layer 1 Blockchains Poised for 100x Growth as RWA Market Booms

As the cryptocurrency market gears up for another bull run, Layer 1 blockchains are set to steal the spotlight once again. Recall the early gems like Fantom (FTM) at $0.01, Polygon (MATIC) at $0.02, and Solana (SOL) at $1.5.

According to analyst Alex Wacy, the next 100x sensations will be Real-World Asset (RWA) blockchains, fueled by the innovation of major players like BlackRock.

The Trillion-Dollar Opportunity in RWA Tokenization

Experts predict a $16 trillion growth in the tokenized assets market by 2030, indicating a clear need for custom blockchains. These innovative technologies must be designed to comply with regulations and international standards while empowering developers with essential tools to enhance RWA protocols and broaden the scope of asset tokenization.

With big players like BlackRock and JPMorgan heavily investing in tokenization, blockchain platforms are gearing up for institutional investors by developing crucial infrastructure and standards in response.

ERC3643: The Token Standard for RWA Tokenization

Last year, the Ethereum community finalized proposals to enhance the ERC-3643 standard, elevating it to a recognized standard for tokenizing RWAs. The ERC3643 protocol consists of a range of open-source smart contracts that facilitate the creation, oversight, and movement of authorized tokens.

One of its standout features is the embedded decentralized identity system, which guarantees that only users who meet specific criteria can possess tokens, even within permissionless blockchain environments.

As the development of RWA-focused blockchains continues, an increasing number of chains are specializing exclusively in this niche.

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12 Promising RWA Blockchain Projects

Alex Wacy has curated a collection of 12 blockchain projects positioned to excel as the RWA market grows during this bullish cycle:

  1. Entangle ($NGL): The first customizable messaging infrastructure designed to unify Web3 and optimize ecosystem liquidity.
  2. Chintai ($CHEX): A Singapore-based blockchain platform-as-a-service that enables financial institutions to securely issue, manage, and trade digital assets.
  3. Realio ($RIO): A Layer-1 multi-chain Web3 ecosystem focused on the issuance and management of digitally native RWAs.
  4. Nexera Foundation ($NXRA): Advancing finance with open-source infrastructure, seamlessly blending blockchain technology for streamlined management of digital, financial, and RWA.
  5. Lumerin Protocol ($LMR): A decentralized platform that offers a Hashpower Marketplace for hardwareless mining.
  6. MANTRA ($OM): A vertically-integrated and regulatory compliant blockchain ecosystem specifically designed to provide regulatory compliance across a wide range of RWAs and tokenized assets.
  7. Dusk ($DUSK): A blockchain platform that prioritizes privacy and compliance, using zero-knowledge cryptography for private transactions auditable by authorities.
  8. LTO Network ($LTO): A platform that utilizes blockchain technology to provide enterprise solutions such as untampered data storage, verifiable credentials, and digital identities.
  9. Hathor Network ($HTR): A transactional consensus platform that combines concepts from both directed acyclic graph (DAG) and blockchain technologies, offering high scalability and decentralization.
  10. Polymesh ($POLYX): An institutional-grade permissioned blockchain designed for regulated assets, addressing governance, identity, compliance, confidentiality, and settlement challenges in finance.
  11. Redbelly Network ($RBNT): The only open and purpose-built accountable RWA platform, prioritizing accountability through its DBFT consensus algorithm and Polygraph, a novel proof-of-fraud protocol.
  12. Plume Network: A modular L2 blockchain for real-world assets that enables RWA composability through DeFi applications and increases liquidity for tokenized RWAs.

As the RWA market continues to grow and institutional investors enter the space, Layer 1 blockchains focused on tokenizing real-world assets are poised for significant growth.

With the development of crucial infrastructure, standards, and regulatory compliance, these projects are well-positioned to capture a substantial share of the $16 trillion tokenized assets market.

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