Analyst Outlines Path to 10x-100x Gains: 10 Under-the-Radar Cryptocurrencies to Watch

As the cryptocurrency market braces for a potential altcoin season, analyst Rekt Fencer has outlined a bullish scenario that could propel select altcoins to staggering gains of up to 100x by 2025.

In a tweet thread, the analyst shared insights into how a bull run typically unfolds and identified 10 under-the-radar gems with the potential for massive returns.

The Anatomy of a Bull Run

According to Rekt Fencer, a bull run in the crypto markets typically follows a specific pattern:

  1. Bitcoin Pump: The rally begins with a surge in the price of Bitcoin (BTC).
  2. Ethereum Pump: Ethereum (ETH) follows suit, experiencing a significant price increase.
  3. High-Cap Altcoin Pump: High-cap altcoins like Solana (SOL), Avalanche (AVAX), and Injective (INJ) witness a pump.
  4. Low-Cap Altcoin Pump: Low-cap altcoins start to rally.
  5. Memecoin Season: Finally, the frenzy reaches the memecoin sector.

While some altcoins may experience rapid gains early on, with 2–10x returns being common, the analyst emphasizes that the truly massive gains of 100–1000x often come from smaller-cap projects and meme coins.

Accumulation Strategy: Stick to the Narratives

Rekt Fencer advises investors to create a portfolio and stick with the prevailing narratives, exercising patience as outsized returns often take time to materialize. “You don’t need endless trades to make 5–10x in crypto,” the analyst states.

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10 Under-the-Radar Gems to Watch

The analyst has identified 10 promising tokens that align with various narratives, including Layer Zero Ecosystem, Omnichain, Memecoins, GameFi, Real-World Assets (RWA), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). These tokens, according to Rekt Fencer, possess the potential for substantial gains in the upcoming bull run.

1. Polyhedra ($ZK)

Polyhedra Network, focused on building next-gen infrastructure for Web3 interoperability, scalability, and privacy through advanced Zero-knowledge proof technology, falls under the Layer Zero Ecosystem and Omnichain narratives.

2. Wolf Wif Ballz ($BALLZ)

A memecoin on the Solana blockchain, Wolf Wif Ballz ($BALLZ), represents the meme coin narrative.

3. Portal ($PORTAL)

Portal, a cross-chain gaming ecosystem, aligns with the GameFi narrative and has recently launched staking rewards for its native token.

4. Boson Protocol ($BOSON)

Boson Protocol, a decentralized commerce layer for Web3 that enables the tokenization and trade of physical items as redeemable NFTs, falls under the Real-World Assets (RWA) narrative.

5. VoluMint ($VMINT)

VoluMint, an AI-automated CEX/DEX that stimulates trading activity and maintains liquidity, represents the AI narrative.

6. Monai ($MONAI)

Monai, the first monad native AI, brings together large language models (LLMs) and performant blockchain protocols, aligning with the AI and monad ecosystem narratives.

7. GraphLinq ($GLQ)

GraphLinq Protocol, a solution designed to make it easy to deploy and manage various types of automation without coding skills, falls under the AI narrative.

8. OpSec ($OPSEC)

OpSec, a cloud computing platform that uses AI to revolutionize the Internet through decentralized cloud servers, private networks, and advanced RDP, represents the Decentralized Private Internet (DePIN) narrative.

9. Briun ($BRIUN)

Briun, a memecoin gaining strength despite the relative weakness of other meme coins, aligns with the Meme coin narrative.

10. Base Narrative Evolution

The analyst also mentions the evolving narrative surrounding Base, a protocol whose native token has been gaining traction alongside the increasing Total Value Locked (TVL) and the recent Coinbase partnership with BlackRock.

As the market anticipates the potential for a massive altcoin season, Rekt Fencer’s insights and identified gems provide a roadmap for investors seeking to capitalize on the potential for substantial returns in the upcoming bull run.

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