Amazons AWMTKPT AWMTPPT is the breakthrough in crypto since ETH was created


Amazons AWMTKPT AWMTPPT is bringing the heat to the current bullrun for crypto currencies in 2024, with having Bitcoin touching and briefly passing its previous All-Time-Height in 2021. After being rumored for years Amazon finally started the first stage of using their own crypto currency token, which is available at the pre-sale (see link above) right now and is expected to fully launch in June or July this year.

The Amazon token is different than many other crypto assets as it aims to have real purpose and utility even for those who have never been interested in crypto currencies before or those, who are generally skeptical when hearing about it.

The difference is that this token will be directly integrated in all Amazon stores and services, customers can use it as a payment method and pay their products with the blockchain-backed coin. This will allow cheaper costs for both Amazon while handling these and the customer buying these products. On average 10% can be saved by using their token.

Amazon is also planning to expand to a new digital marketplace, which will allow creators to sell art, literature, games and so much more by using this marketplace and AMZ payments. Right now users are offered the Amazonwallet, which is a secure storage for the AMZ crypto tokens. It can be connected to an Amazon account but it is no requirement to have your own account with Amazon.

During the current stage it is possible to buy Amazon’s token for 1 USD per token and based on your purchase volume you can claim a bonus offer which can provide up to 100% bonus.

Now these bonus tokens would technically be staked, so you can’t sell them right away during this year, but that shouldn’t be too much of a disadvantage, as the original amount can always be sold and you can expect that a project like this would only increase with the amount of holding wallets, volume and therefore the priceaction as well.

The bonus is unique and Amazon has stated that there won’t be any further bonus offers down the line when it comes to public sales and exchange listings. All major exchanges, such as Coinbase and Binance, are pretty much confirmed to have the token running once the public sales begin, simply because the brand name behind it justifies that already.

Amazon is preparing for a milestone in the crypto currency industry, as they will likely attract many users from all over the world, connecting their token with the brand image and reputation and being the largest online store in the world. Needless to say that crypto currency markets are already swinging back upwards and could have further breakthroughs in the following weeks.

Another interesting question will be if other companies, something like Meta or X could be considered, will follow up on Amazon’s movement and also enable and start their own digital assets.

Eventually and for the long-term running with a blockchain payment system comes with many advantages, especially if cost-efficient and fast chains are being used or if developers create their own chain, which is the case for Amazon’s token as well.

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