Altseason Has Started Due to These Bitcoin Indicators: Analyst

With Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) getting approved by regulators last week, major alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoins) such as Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL) have begun to outperform Bitcoin (BTC) itself. This phenomenon, known as “altseason”, appears to now be underway according to market analysts.

“Welcome to the Altcoin Season!,” declared Negentropic analyst in response to the shifting market dynamics. “BTC Dominance has topped. Clear roll-over of RSI and MACD. Top is in – and much lower levels should be seen as Altcoins outperform #BTC.”

He is referring to technical indicators that typically precede and accompany altcoin run-ups against Bitcoin:

  • RSI – The Relative Strength Index measures the momentum and velocity of price movements. A roll-over in RSI from overbought to neutral levels shows slowing upside momentum for Bitcoin as money begins rotating into altcoins.
  • MACD – The Moving Average Convergence/Divergence indicator signals trend changes in an asset’s price. The MACD rolling over while Bitcoin’s price is high suggests its rally is losing strength while altcoins gain momentum.
  • Altcoins Index – This tracks the overall altcoin market cap divided by Bitcoin’s market cap. A rapidly rising altcoin index signifies outperformance relative to Bitcoin itself.

“Altcoin Season is the phase where Bullishness and FOMO take over,” the analyst explained, “and the rally that BTC has driven for months, is now out-performed by Altcoins.”

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In other words, Bitcoin kicked off the latest crypto bull run and attracted significant investments into the digital asset space again. Now with Bitcoin slowing after a parabolic advance, capital is rotating into Ethereum, Solana, polkadot and other altcoins at an accelerating pace. Fear of missing out has shifted from Bitcoin to cheaper alternatives that may have more room left to run.

While excessive speculation is reaching altcoins, the analyst notes this does not necessarily mean Bitcoin’s rally is over yet: “We still expect BTC to go higher in the coming months.” Rather, Bitcoin may take a backseat for now while alts capture the market’s attention – at least until Bitcoin’s next leg-up.

For cryptocurrency investors, the takeaway is clear: Altseason is here. Technical indicators confirm what price action is already reflecting, with altcoins gaining momentum against the longtime market leader Bitcoin. As caution surfaces for Bitcoin at high prices, the springboard seems to have launched dozens of altcoins into their next frenzied rallies.

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