AI Tracks Trending Ethereum Meme Coins: PEPE and TRUMP Show Bullish Signs

Recent data from 0xScope’s AI-powered Smart Money Holding dashboard has identified two Ethereum-based meme coins, $PEPE and $TRUMP, as trending tokens among high-profit addresses. In this article, we will delve into the factors contributing to the bullish sentiment surrounding these tokens.

$PEPE: Bullish Trends and Smart Money Accumulation

$PEPE, one of the trending meme coins, has witnessed a remarkable 18.05% price increase in the past 24 hours. This surge in value can be attributed to several bullish trends:

  1. Domain Purchase: The acquisition of the domain has generated buzz around the $PEPE token, suggesting potential future developments and increased visibility for the project.
  2. Price Jump: Over the past seven days, $PEPE has experienced a 48% price jump, indicating strong market demand and investor interest.
  3. CEX Outflows: $PEPE has seen $5.5 million in net outflows from centralized exchanges (CEXes), suggesting that investors are moving their tokens to private wallets, potentially for long-term holding.
  4. Smart Money Accumulation: Fifteen Smart Money addresses have purchased a total of 59 billion $PEPE tokens at an average price of $0.00000787 per token over the past seven days. Interestingly, these Smart Money addresses have only sold 0.21% (124 million $PEPE) of their holdings, realizing a 40% gain.


The combination of these bullish trends and the accumulation by Smart Money addresses suggests that $PEPE may be poised for further growth in the near future.

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$TRUMP: Rising Trading Volume and Smart Money Confidence

$TRUMP, another Ethereum-based meme coin, has also captured the attention of the AI-powered Smart Money Holding dashboard. The token has seen a 19.58% price increase in the past 24 hours, supported by the following bullish trends:

  1. Increased Trading Volume: $TRUMP has recorded a 24-hour decentralized exchange (DEX) total trading volume of $2.7 million, representing a 72.93% increase. This surge in trading activity indicates heightened interest and liquidity for the token.
  2. Smart Money Accumulation: Over the past seven days, four Smart Money addresses have purchased a total of 2,108.82 $TRUMP tokens at an average price of $5.94 per token. Remarkably, none of these Smart Money addresses have sold their $TRUMP holdings, and they have collectively gained 15.54% in returns.
  3. Bullish DEX Price Relation Chart: The DEX price relation chart for $TRUMP (see the image below) showcases a bullish trend, further supporting the positive sentiment surrounding the token.

The increased trading volume, Smart Money accumulation, and bullish DEX price relation chart all point towards a positive outlook for $TRUMP in the coming days.

The AI-powered Smart Money Holding dashboard by 0xScope has identified $PEPE and $TRUMP as two trending Ethereum-based meme coins with bullish indicators. The combination of price surges, increased trading volume, Smart Money accumulation, and positive market sentiment suggests that these tokens may be worth keeping an eye on for potential investment opportunities.

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