AI Tokens Pump: and SingularityNET See Huge Gains and Traders Think These Tokens Will Follow

AI-based tokens are pumping this week following the newly revived interest in the sector, sparked by OpenAI’s release of the Sora product.

As a result, market leaders in the industry, like and SingularityNET, are seeing huge gains, surging as much as 90% over the last fortnight.

With AI tokens pumping, traders expect a handful of tokens to follow, with Smog Token ($SMOG) leading the pack.

AI Tokens Surge After New Interest From Sora Technology

AI tokens are starting to see a sudden surge in price after newly released technology from OpenAI revived interest in the industry.

OpenAI, the creators behind the groundbreaking ChatGPT LLM, recently revealed its new Sora product, an AI model causing a massive wave of excitement in the AI field.

Sora allows users to create hyper-realistic videos from simple text-based prompts. The samples released by OpenAI are causing a buzz online as the world suggests that videos show unimaginable levels of realism; ($FET) and SingularityNET ($AGIX) Explode By Over 90%

The showcase of Sora caused AI-related tokens to suddenly surge this week, with prominent market leaders like ($FET) and SingularityNET ($AGIX) exploding by over 90%. ($FET) is now up by a whopping 94% over the past fortnight as it sets a fresh all-time high price at $1.16 this week; is now ranked in the 74th position as it currently holds a $1.1 billion market level. The cryptocurrency has pulled back slightly from its highs as it trades at $1.07 at the time of writing.

Looking ahead, if the buyers can regroup and push back above the $1.16 resistance, the first higher resistance is located at $1.35, provided by a 1.272 Fib Extension. This is followed by $1.44 (1.414 Fib Extension), $1.50, and $1.57 (1.618 Fib Extension).

On the other side, support lies at $1.00, $.091 (.382 Fib), $0.75, $0.7, and $0.6.

SingularityNET ($AGIX) is also performing well after surging 136% over the past fortnight, allowing it to set a fresh two-year high at $0.72;

Looking ahead, if the buyers can break $0.73 and head above $0.75, resistance first lies at $0.8. This is followed by resistance at $0.85 (1.272 Fib Extension), $0.9, and $0.927 (1.414 Fib extension).

On the other side, support lies at $0.7, $0.65, $0.61, and $0.55.

What Tokens Are Expected to Follow?

While AI tokens are pumping, traders expect the gains to flow into other crypto market sectors.

In particular, traders expect a sharp rebound in the meme coin sector in the coming days after it experienced a slight pullback this week.

In particular, Smog Token ($SMOG) continues turning heads as it reaches the .618 Fib support, providing the perfect entry opportunity that traders have been waiting for.

Traders Position In Smog Token ($SMOG) With Strong Support Below

The recent pullback in $SMOG price is causing a frenzy in the market as the meme coin lands at the .618 Fib Retracement support level at $0.517, providing the perfect buying opportunity for those that have been sidelined;

Smog Token instantly became a hit in the meme coin market, surging by over 3,000% to reach a high of $0.09 last week.

Since its high, $SMOG has been in a downward sloping channel, allowing it to meet today’s .618 Fib Retracement support.

The price drop provides the perfect buying opportunity to enter at lower prices, especially with the historic airdrop incoming.

Smog Token allows users to hold $SMOG to accumulate airdrop points to participate in what’s expected to be the biggest airdrop in the crypto market.

Users can also participate in the Zealy campaign to accumulate airdrop points, allowing them to participate in the airdrop for completing quests like following Smog Token on Twitter and joining its Telegram channel.

The team has stated that over 200,000 quests have been completed in the Zealy campaign, demonstrating the overwhelming level of hype behind this project.

With the airdrop incoming, the recent price drop provides the perfect buying opportunity for those waiting for a price drop.

The best place to buy $SMOG is OTC through the project’s website using $ETH, $USDT, or a credit card. Purchasing it through the website provides a 10% market discount, and the $SMOG is automatically staked. Alternatively, it can be bought on Jupiter DEX at market rates using $SOL.

Buy $SMOG Today.

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