AI Coins: $FET, $AGIX, and $FIL See Spotlight As Traders Rush to FILLiquid Testnet Final Days for Free Airdrop

As Bitcoin presses northward of $70,000, AI coins continue their march toward exceptional heights as leading AI tokens $FET and $AGIX set fresh all-time highs.

The AI narrative—propelled mainly by innovation from OpenAI—has helped AI tokens outpace the number-one-ranked cryptocurrency in terms of growth throughout 2024 and shows no sign of slowing down.

Meanwhile, the decentralized data storage protocol Filecoin is also seeing significant traction as experts suggest that AI companies are likely to adopt the peer-to-peer data storage network for their operations. 

With Flecoin rising, traders are rushing to the FILLiquid testnet to receive their free airdrop in exchange for testing the protocol for free. The $FIL borrowing and lending platform saw a significant uptick in testnet participation this week after entering its final days.

AI Coins Soar As OpenAi Continues To Drive Innovation – $FET and $AGIX Rise to Unprecedented Levels

AI coins continue to soar as the AI adoption narratives continue to push markets higher. Primarily driven by innovation from OpenAI, the AI sector is red-hot, with the market leaders continuing to set fresh all-time highs in the industry. 

Fetch.AI ($FET), an AI protocol that helps legacy systems become AI-ready, recently set fresh all-time highs after soaring by an extraordinary 345% this month.

The cryptocurrency continues to be one of the market leaders in the AI sector, with an astonishing $2.9 billion market cap.

$FET recently set a fresh all-time high at $3.00 and has since retraced to the support at $2.50, provided by a .236 Fib:

Looking ahead, resistance lies at $3.00, $3.50, $3.80 (1.272 Fib Extension), $4.17 (1.414 Fib Extension), $4.50, and $4.70 (1.618 Fib Extension).

SingularityNET is another AI protocol feeling bullish pressure after setting a new all-time high at $1.40 following its 320% surge this month.

The project intends to bring about Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) by allowing anyone to easily create, share, and monetize AI services.

The cryptocurrency surged to a high of $1.40 but has since dropped to $1.22 – providing a great entry;

Looking ahead, resistance lies at $1.40, $1.50, $1.80, $2.00, and $2.22.

Filecoin Benefits From AI Adoption as $FIL Surges Past $11

With AI companies requiring storage for their huge datasets, the leading decentralized storage market, Filecoin, also benefits from the AI narrative.

Experts believe that AI companies will likely use Filecoin to store their AI models and massive datasets due to its decentralized nature, permissionless infrastructure, and cost-effective solution.

As a result, $FIL soared by an extraordinary 100% this month, allowing the P2P data storage network to climb above $11 for the first time since August 2022.

$FIL is now trading inside an ascending price channel as it battles to hold support at the lower boundary;

Looking ahead, the first resistance lies at $11.00. This is followed by $12.00, $12.43, $13.00, $13.27, $14.00, and $14.50.

Investors Rush to FILLiquid Testnet for Airdrop Rewards – Just Five Days Left

With Filecoin gaining prominence in the market, traders are turning their attention to Filecoin-based projects, believing they will also see significant adoption in the coming months.

In particular, traders are now rushing to position themselves in the free FILLiquid airdrop as it enters the final stage of its testnet. 

FILLiquid, a decentralized liquidity pool for borrowing and lending $FIL, is hosting a testnet of its protocol. It will reward all testers with a $FIG airdrop once the protocol hits the mainnet.

The borrowing and lending market aims to deepen $FIL liquidity for Storage Miners and help $FIL holders earn a consistent passive income through secure lending. 

Users simply have to participate in its free testnet to be eligible to share the $FIG airdrop distribution.

With over 3,700 users already participating – and the number of users participating in community activities exceeding 20,000 – it’s clear that traders support FILLiquid as an essential component of the Filecoin network. 

The protocol helps storage providers achieve consistent storage expansion by allowing them to secure loans using the collateral locked in their nodes. This allows them to avoid additional financial burdens and expand their storage capacity. 

The testnet is now entering its final five days, meaning this is the last opportunity to participate.

Receiving the airdrop is entirely free as the testnet runs on the Filecoin Calibration testnet network. Connecting your wallet and participating in the Lending (Staking) or Farming products will make you eligible to receive the free $FIG airdrop distribution once the protocol hits the mainnet in the coming weeks. 

If you’re interested in participating in receiving the free airdrop, take a look at the Testnet overview and join the FILLiquid Telegram for more information.

Visit FILLiquid Testnet Today.

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