AI and DePIN Cryptocurrencies That Offer 100x Profit Potential: Numerai (NMR), Sleepless AI, and Others

As the cryptocurrency market is setting up for what could be the biggest altseason yet, analyst Chain Mind has identified two key narratives that could offer investors the opportunity to achieve 100x profits in the next two months: AI and DePIN. According to the analyst, only 20% of altcoins are expected to pump hard, making it crucial to accumulate the right assets.

The Connection Between AI and DePIN

Chain Mind explains that there is a strong connection between the AI and DePIN narratives, which are among the biggest trends in the 2024 crypto cycle. Many DePIN projects are now utilizing AI to set up structures that allow for the sharing of ownership and value, presenting huge upside potential for investors.

To help investors choose the right coin, Chain Mind has scanned over 500 altcoins to create an AI/DePIN portfolio, identifying the 10 best plays with the highest growth potential.

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Top 10 AI and DePIN Plays

  1. Numerai ($NMR) – A data science competition platform where participants predict stock market trends using provided data and stake NMR to earn based on model performance. Price: $28 | Market cap: $193M
  2. iExec ($RLC) – A cloud computing platform on Ethereum, facilitating secure computing services and monetization of cloud resources. Price: $3 | Market cap: $222M
  3. Sleepless AI ($AI) – A Web3+AI gaming platform merging AI and blockchain to offer immersive, emotionally supportive AI companion games. Price: $1 | Market cap: $183M
  4. NFPrompt ($NFP) – A Web3 tool empowering users to create and monetize AI-generated content, utilizing blockchain for verifiable ownership. Price: $0.46 | Market cap: $116M
  5. Spectral ($SPEC) – A platform that turns natural language into Solidity code, enabling rapid smart contract creation through autonomous agents. Price: $9.8 | Market cap: $104M
  6. Zebec Network ($ZBCN) – A platform enhancing real-world value flow with real-time financial solutions and on-chain payments. Price: $0.0018 | Market cap: $95M
  7. Orchid ($OXT) – A bandwidth marketplace on Ethereum, offering a VPN service using nanopayments for secure internet access. Price: $0.09 | Market cap: $97M
  8. enqAI ($ENQAI) – Named after the Sumerian god Enki, enqAI develops unbiased AI models to support fair and innovative machine-learning applications. Price: $0.063 | Market cap: $63M
  9. Alethea AI ($ALI) – Combining AI and blockchain to democratize AI ownership, ensuring its benefits are equitably distributed. Price: $0.016 | Market cap: $57M
  10. HyperGPT ($HGPT) – A blockchain-powered AI marketplace facilitating secure buying, selling, and exchanging of AI applications. Price: $0.06 | Market cap: $28M

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As Bitcoin loses its dominance and Ethereum grows, the stage is set for the biggest altseason yet. By focusing on the AI and DePIN narratives and accumulating the right assets, investors have the potential to achieve 100x profits in the coming months.

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