After Buying A Yacht From His Bitcoin Gains Could This Be Davinci Jeremie’s Next Purchase?


  • Being early to projects is important in the crypto space.
  • NuggetRush is tipped as a token with 10,000% growth potential.
  • NuggetRush combines two of the biggest trends in the crypto landscape: meme and P2E.

The story of Davinci Jeremie is intriguing and underscores the advantages of being an early adopter. Ten years ago, in 2013, when Bitcoin (BTC) was priced at around $100, Jeremie discussed the potential of Bitcoin with his YouTube viewers. 

In the video, which has now gathered 4.3 million views, he pleaded with his viewers to invest just $1 in BTC, but pretty much no one listened.

Today, Jeremie is living in opulence from his Bitcoin gains, marked by lavish yacht rides and the purchase of his own luxury yacht. At its peak during the bull run of 2021, BTC was worth a staggering $68,000. 

So, a mere $1 investment would have grown to about $680 in 2021—a mouthwatering gain.

Despite Jeremie’s rise to financial freedom as an early Bitcoin adopter, he is still actively looking for promising opportunities. So, what will his next move be? 

Many speculate. Nevertheless, one thing is certain: Jeremie has a knack for discovering gems, just like he did with Bitcoin in 2013. Therefore, investors and analysts are looking at the initial coin offering list, where NuggetRush (NUGX) is positioned as the top ICO. 

This token is in its presale phase and stands at the intersection of meme and utility. But could it be Davinci Jeremie’s next purchase? Possibly. In this article, we will explore the potential of NuggetRush and why it is one of the altcoins to watch out for in the coming months.

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NuggetRush (NUGX): The Next Big Thing

While many missed out on Bitcoin after its launch in 2009, despite the pleading of Jeremie, NuggetRush (NUGX) is presenting a second chance. The value proposition and growth potential of this token make it stand out as a contender for the best ICO. 

As a result, savvy investors are heavily involved in its presale, which is currently in its first round. It presently costs just $0.01, which will seem like a steal in the future.

In terms of its growth potential, NuggetRush is expected to see a 10,000% upside. As a result, it is the best new crypto to invest in. Additionally, because of its distinctive value proposition, it makes a strong investment. This begs the question: What is NuggetRush all about? 

For starters, it is a convergence of meme and play-to-earn (P2E). With this, it is able to capture two of the trendy features and trends in the crypto landscape.

As a memecoin, it intends to build a strong community, which will comprise meme and game enthusiasts. That isn’t all; it also seeks to put control in the hands of the community, positioning it as a community-driven token. Since most successful projects are based on a committed community, as is common knowledge, NuggetRush has a bright future ahead of it. 

Notably, NuggetRush intends to relinquish ownership of the smart contract to the community upon launch, demonstrating its commitment to the community. This will foster transparency and give the game a community-owned feel. 

More importantly, token holders will also have a say in the future of the game and the ecosystem thanks to its governance functionality.

Furthermore, as a P2E gaming platform, players will enjoy both an immersive gaming experience and earn rewards while playing the gold mining game. This game appeals to game enthusiasts in particular, thanks to the numerous ways they can earn. 

These include simply playing the game and staking NFTs. To participate in the project tipped as the best coin to invest in, simply follow the link below.

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In the crypto space, being early is probably the most certain way to make it. Just like Davinci Jeremie, an early Bitcoin adopter and now the proud owner of a yacht, early NuggetRush (NUGX) investors can also earn significant gains.

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