ADA’s Bullish Run Marks Cardano Milestone; Emerging AI Altcoin to Hit $10M in Presale Soon

The cryptocurrency market has been pulling serious gains since the beginning of this month, and altcoins have been at the forefront of this boost. Cardano (ADA) is the most notable cryptocurrency with a vibrant performance, marking over 50% growth this month. Cardano’s bullish surge, which began two months ago, has earned the cryptocurrency multiple milestones: an 18-month high and a new all-time TVL.

As bullish momentum continues to increase cryptocurrency activity, InQubeta (QUBE) has also been making big moves of its own, and they’re beginning to pay off. Investors have received the AI altcoin’s ongoing presale with such a positive response that it has earned InQubeta millions from QUBE sales. Considering the massive demand the crypto ICO has sustained, InQubeta will soon be approaching the $10 million milestone.

Let’s explore Cardano’s milestone and InQubeta’s presale success.

InQubeta’s (QUBE) Mouthwatering Offerings Pull Massive Demand

InQubeta is one of the new DeFi projects leveraging AI solutions in cryptocurrency. The platform delivers profits from the AI industry to investors by listing NFTs minted with AI investment opportunities on its marketplace. These NFTs are fractionalized and cheap, offering investors the best crypto investment opportunities to profit massively from the growth of artificial intelligence.

InQubeta is also filled with other money-making ventures, like its staking mechanism. The platform has a 5% tax on any transaction that is sent to a reward pool. This lets investors make extra income by staking their QUBE tokens. Fortunately for QUBE holders, as more tokens are staked on the platform, fewer QUBE tokens will be circulated. This feature, combined with the token’s deflationary nature, primes it for explosive growth over time, making it the best crypto to invest in before the end of the year.

The crypto ICO is in high demand because QUBE holders are positioned to benefit from the growth of two multi-billion dollar industries: artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency investing. QUBE is currently on sale for a discount price of $0.01925 and will deliver 60% profit to current investors before it is listed on exchanges. Rising presale engagement has earned InQubeta a milestone sum of over $6.8 million.

With the recent rise of institutional interest in cryptocurrency investing, analysts have predicted that InQubeta is in the best position to gain institutional adoption when it finally launches. QUBE has already surged by 175%, increasing its reputation as the best crypto to invest in. Experts are optimistic that the buying pressure following the token launch could drive the value of QUBE to meteoric highs. 

Cardano’s (ADA) Bullish Run Pushes It To Milestone Highs

Following the market-wide price boom that has been on for the past three months, Cardano has rallied past its $0.60 mark, hitting its highest value since June 2022. The trading volume of the ADA token has also skyrocketed, ramming through last year’s high. Due to recent developments, these milestones prove that Cardano is enjoying increased activity and interest. Since last year, Cardano has doubled down on its platform upgrades.

In September, the Vasil hard fork increased its sustainability and laid the foundation for parallel running of smart contracts. Cardano has also made plans to create new DeFi projects ranging from education to identity. The Milkomeda and Alonzo White upgrades are bound to increase interoperability between cross-chain protocols, increasing their appeal to developers and investors. ADA could break through the $1 resistance if these developments continue, targeting $3 by 2024.

Final Thoughts

Cardano’s milestone surge and the performance of the QUBE presale show that the cryptocurrency market is on a bullish climb, and this is the best time to invest in it. While Cardano’s developments point to even higher prices, InQubeta already has future-proof investment opportunities that could help investors pocket life-changing returns in the long term. Now that investors are hoarding tokens that promise high upside, InQubeta’s presale is the best crypto investment for the next bull run. The ongoing 15% presale bonus is an opportunity to increase QUBE holdings.

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