A New 100x Pump is Beginning – WSM OKX Exchange Listing Has Investors Going Crazy

At long last, the highly successful presale of Wall St Memes (WSM) has concluded, and the token is now officially set to be listed on the prestigious tier-1 exchange, OKX. This moment has been eagerly anticipated, and investors are celebrating the fact that this nearly $30 million presale token will soon be available on a major platform.

Anticipation is high for the token to achieve even greater heights, and the enthusiasm for this meme coin is surging in tandem. We give you the rundown on this token and what it is, as well as the significance of the listing on OKX.

Investors Rushing to Buy WSM on OKX as Exchange Listing Expected to Boost Price Exponentially

OKX’s listing of the WSM token will take place only a few hours from now, at 10 AM UTC on September 26. The token generation event takes place shortly before, at 9 AM UTC. Those early token purchases who participated the presale will get first dibs on the token and then get to see the magic happen after the listing.

The initial trading pair available for WSM will be WSM/USDT. For those inclined towards decentralized exchanges (DEXs) or if OKX is not accessible in your jurisdiction, this alternative option will be accessible as the token becomes available on decentralized platforms starting from 2 PM UTC, approximately four hours after the OKX listing.

The anticipation surrounding WSM’s listing on OKX has been building for quite some time, following a remarkably successful presale period that garnered nearly $30 million. OKX stands as the world’s second-largest exchange in terms of liquidity and user traffic, making this achievement a significant milestone for WSM. This is an exhilarating period for the crypto market, particularly for WSM investors, as we will soon explore.

It’s essential to note that OKX is a significant platform, having collaborated with major entities worldwide and even sponsored some of the most prominent sports teams. It serves as the hub for numerous crypto traders, and there’s no doubt they’ll be closely monitoring the introduction of the WSM token on the exchange. It’s not every day you witness a token from a presale generating nearly $30 million making its debut on an exchange.

Of course, you can also expect other exchanges to list WSM following the listening on OKX. This has been hinted at by the team, who have made statements suggesting this recently. This development will only further bolster the token’s price, providing increased liquidity and accessibility. The team has indicated as much, promising the community additional announcements subsequent to the OKX listing.

A Brief History of Wall St Memes (WSM)

It’s worth going over why Wall St Memes (WSM) has made such an impact on the crypto community, and where this mania is coming from. The project first emerged from the same emotions that built the GameStop controversy and the Wall Street Bets movement. It combined elements of online culture, humor centered around memes, and the financial sector. Wall St Memes’ fundamental aim is to playfully scrutinize and satirize the traditional financial system, all while providing individuals the chance to engage in cryptocurrency investments, with a particular emphasis on meme coins.

The WSM token was simply the fruit of all those thoughts and emotions. By becoming a part of the Wall St Memes community and investing in WSM, individuals are demonstrating their support for the movement and potentially reap the rewards of investments in meme-based cryptocurrencies.

It’s evident that, given its current trajectory, WSM could ascend even higher. Several indicators point towards this potential, and one of them is staking. Presently, users have staked over 430 million tokens. The current estimated APY stands at 46%, with rewards of 75 per block.

WSM truly encapsulates the essence of a meme coin, poised for a robust and promising future. Expect to witness a plethora of developments within its ecosystem and an influx of new investors joining the community in the near future. This could mark the commencement of something truly remarkable within the crypto market.


The imminent listing of WSM on OKX is sure to spark something new in the crypto market and the token itself could be the next big token to break into the top 10 crypto assets by market cap. It could even dethrone DOGE, which has long been seen as the de facto king of meme coins. An exchange listing on a platform like OKX will be one big step towards that and the crypto community is certain to go wild over it.

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