A key test for Ethereum : Will it Break the $2k resistance? Investors astonished by DigiToads presale raising more than $6.8 million 

Ethereum was once thought to be a serious threat to Bitcoin’s dominance. The pioneer crypto is still king even though Ethereum has carved a niche in the industry. ETH prices have remained below the $2, 000 mark even as DigiToads (TOADS) has kept its momentum heading towards launch.

This new project represents a bold attempt to transform how memecoins operate. There are parallels between the early days of Ethereum and DigiToads. Both seek to inject liquidity into a space that was one-dimensional before. The effect of such a watershed moment can be permanent as is the case for smart contracts. 

Investors are trooping to get a piece of the pie. DigiToads is concluding its successful presale on 15th August 2023 and has already raised over $6.8 million. This figure could be the tip of the iceberg of what comes upon launch once the token goes public. The team is gearing up for launch on 21st August 2023.

Ethereum struggles to edge past $2k

The smart contracts mothership has stagnated of late. Ethereum is still significantly below the all-time high of $4,800. Holding any top coin to its ATH is harsh, of course. However, ETH’s struggle to break past the $2,000 mark is a cause for concern for those hoping it can lead a market resurgence. 

An argument for its lackluster performance could be the overall market conditions. ETH is at the heart of many other tokenized platforms and improves with overall market gains. However, the Ethereum development team must also create new upgrades that will excite investors and ensure developers still see cause to create decentralized applications on this blockchain. High gas fees have been an impediment to this uptake even as rival platforms like Polygon present real competition. 

DigiToads is on a roll

The DigiToads presale continues to draw the plaudits. This project is at the tenth and final stage of the presale with tokens retailing for $0.050 until the presale concludes on 15th August. 

Investors have gained 400% at this stage of the presale. The gains could be modest compared to what the token can achieve after launch. DigiToads launches its play-to-earn gaming ecosystem on 21st August, 2023 to actualize the ideas that are inspiring investment. 

Traditional memecoins don’t factor in utility or a roadmap. After all, Dogecoin achieved internet fame without either. However, the market has a saturation of Dogecoin copycats with none reaching the heights of the pioneer crypto. 

DigiToads creates value for its users both from their gameplay and holding tokens. The game is intuitive and engaging for those seeking fun. They also get in-game rewards for their efforts. 

Additionally, the game has in-game NFT collectibles for players to collect and even stake. Staking NFTs is a novel concept that allows these unique assets to preserve value. NFT staking ensures that holders get a small percentage of TOADS translation fees. Staking NFTs will be possible after launch but minting is already ongoing  https://mint.digitoads.world/ 


DigiToads is creating a separation between itself and other new projects in the market. This distinction is because of the utility the project provides. Investors see the potential for a platform with a thriving community of users. Such a community is useful in driving token prices for the foreseeable future. 

Accordingly, the 450% gains at the launch price of $0.055 could only be a taste of what is ahead. This project has the markings of a serious play in the memecoin and gaming sectors for the foreseeable future.

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