$5SCAPE Will Be At The Forefront of the Next VR and AR Wave in 2024 – Here’s Why

The next VR and AR wave is coming in 2024, and projects like 5th Scape are at the forefront of the industry in the crypto sector.

With Apple releasing its highly overpriced VR headset, a new wave of innovation is about to sweep into the VR market, and traders are looking for ways to capitalize on the growth.

One project in the crypto sector that’s turning heads is 5th Scape, and investors are rushing to back it due to its fully integrated system.

Investors believe that having an ecosystem vertical from hardware to software, 5th Scape will lead to groundbreaking advancements in the sector.

Here’s everything you need to know about 5th Scape.

5th Scape Launches Presale and Investors Are Rushing to Get Positioned

5th Scape recently launched its presale this week, and investors are rushing to get positioned as early adopters in the project set to forge immersive realities.

5th Scape is the world’s first AR and VR ecosystem designed to bring the brightest minds in the industry under one roof.

The project has created a completely integrated ecosystem, providing both the hardware and software necessary to make advancements in the VR sector.

The entire idea behind 5th Scape is to use integrated systems to create an immersive and unforgettable adventure.

Apple is the largest technology company known to have a completely integrated system, producing both hardware and software for their products. The closed system allowed Apple to innovate and produce highly tuned software and applications for its hardware, which allowed it to become the largest company in the world.

5th Scape is taking a page out of Apple’s playbook by closing its system, allowing developers to create innovative VR products.

Fully Integrated Ecosystem With Hardware and a Great List of Games Already Ready

The best part about 5th Scape is that they already have the VR headset and a great list of games in production. In addition, 5th Scape also has a gaming chair that’s tailored for long-term VR sessions.

The game list spans many genres, ensuring there’s something for everybody to enjoy. From heart-pounding thrillers to mind-blowing sports, everybody will find a world they feel compelled to dive deeper into.

One of the flagship games is MMA Cage Conquest. This adrenaline-filled MMA world allows players to engage in a champion’s journey as they undergo strategic training in gritty gyms to end up on the big stage arenas fighting for the online championships.

Another flagship game is Immersive Kickoff, a realistic soccer VR experience with dynamic gameplay and engaging ball physics. Players can enjoy a career ascension as they go from rising stars in soccer to becoming legends as they master the skills required to progress.

Alongside these games are the hardware produced by 5th Scape, including a VR headset and an ergonomic gaming chair.

The VR headset brings advancements to the industry with its cutting-edge visuals and advanced tracking technology. As 5th Scape produces the headset, they’re able to code their games so they’re perfectly displayed on the hardware, helping make the virtual world more immersive/

Developer Center Set to Push Limits In VR Technology

Another feature driving investment in the 5th Scape ecosystem is the developer center set to push the limits in VR technology.

The Developer Hub is designed to be a space for innovation and collaboration amongst developers. The hub allows developers to shape the future of virtual reality as they have access to resources and tools to bring their diverse array of VR experiences to life.

Developers can get access to a community for beta testing and feedback. If the community likes the product, the developers already have a fan base to leverage and monetize when they launch the VR game.

Get Positioned Today in $5SCAPE Today and Take Advantage of Early Adopter Prices

$5SCAPE is your gateway into this ecosystem. The token lies at the project’s core, providing exclusive access to premium VR content, including games, education, animations, and movies.

The token also provides a discount for those purchasing the hardware.

$5SCAPE can currently be purchased for $0.00187 in the presale. However, the presale uses a rising pricing strategy, meaning those positioned earlier benefit the most from the lower entry price.

With a listing price set at $0.01, those investing today are guaranteed to walk away from the presale with a 400%+ unrealized return.

Buy $5SCAPE Today

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