5 Things To Do in Preparation for the Crypto Bull Run to Keep You “Smiling in 2025” – Expert

As crypto markets languish in an extended bear period, investors are searching for guidance on how to strategize for the next bull run. Crypto influencer Dami-Defi recently took to X (Twitter) to provide tips to his followers on optimally positioning themselves for when prices start their upward swing again. Drawing on his expertise in decentralized finance, Dami outlined key actions crypto enthusiasts should consider taking, from rebalancing portfolios to taking profits on rallies. According to him, the following are the five things to do to prepare for the next bull run.

Accumulate Cash to Allocate to Crypto

Dami-Defi recommends working overtime or picking up side hustles to increase the amount of cash that can be allocated to crypto when conditions improve. Building up fiat reserves will provide the dry powder needed to take advantage of lower prices.

Dollar Cost Average into Top Projects

He advises using only 20-40% of accumulated cash to dollar cost average into top, established crypto assets like Ethereum. Regularly buying top cryptocurrencies during the bear market can significantly reduce the average entry price.

Keep Powder Dry for Emerging Opportunities

The rest of the cash should be conserved to capitalize on new narratives and crypto sectors gaining traction closer to the market bottom. Having reserves allows pouncing on the best opportunities.

Wait for Bull Run Confirmation

Waiting for key announcements like Bitcoin Spot ETF approval and reclaiming previous all-time highs would provide the confirmation needed to go heavier into promising altcoins. Prematurely investing in unproven low market cap coins is inadvisable.

Patience and Discipline Are Key

This measured approach of building cash, dollar cost averaging wisely, keeping powder dry, and waiting for clear bull run signals requires patience and discipline. However, those who can execute this plan will be glad they did when reflecting back in 2025 according to Dami-Defi. Following expert guidance could mean the difference between average and exceptional crypto gains.

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Vignesh Karunanidhi
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