5 Low Cap AI Cryptocurrencies With 10-100x Potential

As the crypto market extends into 2024, investors find themselves searching for the next hot projects positioned to capture outsized gains when the tide eventually turns. According to one insightful analyst, overlooked altcoins at the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology show particular promise.

Coin Post recently highlighted five under-the-radar AI coins with an asymmetric upside that captured his attention.

“Here are another five low- and mid-cap AI altcoins with 10-100x potential,” Coin Post declared.

Presearch – Decentralized Blockchain Search Engine

The first project highlighted is Presearch (PRE), a decentralized search engine powered by the community that protects users’ privacy while allowing them to earn crypto for querying.

With a tiny $13.4 million market capitalization, Presearch offers a blockchain-based Google alternative that could scale exponentially if adoption accelerates. As Web3 trends mainstream, the need for censorship-resistant, privacy-preserving searches will only heighten.

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TokenFi – Platform for Tokenizing Real World Assets

Next up is TokenFi (TOKEN), an elegant no-code tokenization solution allowing anyone to launch tokenized assets and manage them via handy utilities like airdrops, vesting, and governance controls.

With a market cap just above $42 million, TokenFi could expand rapidly as tokenizing real world assets like invoices, real estate, VC funding rounds becomes more popular.

Forta – Decentralized Threat Detection Network

Forta (FORT) brings an intriguing cybersecurity use case to blockchain technology through a decentralized network of autonomous bots that monitor transactions in real-time.

With backers like Coinbase Ventures and Binance Labs, Forta looks to foster a safer web3 ecosystem. FORT currently has a market cap of $70.1 million.

Dynexcoin – Supercomputing Blockchain for AI Compute

One of the more speculative microcap picks from Coin Post is Dynexcoin (DNX), which utilizes a proprietary chip algorithm and Proof-of-Useful Work mechanism to power AI and machine learning models on a decentralized supercomputing architecture.

Such compute-heavy functionality required for AI training and inference pipelines remains lacking in existing blockchains. DNX currently has a market cap of $73.8 million.

Phoenix Chain – AI Compute Infrastructure

Rounding out the list is Phoenix Chain (PHB), an EVM-compatible network specifically architected for AI computing purposes like operating machine learning nodes at scale. With a 492.8 million valuation, Phoenix Chain offers intriguing infrastructure for the future AI economy.

In summary, Coin Post reveals five overlooked blockchain innovators fusing AI capabilities with crypto’s open, permissionless structure—a combination that could prove immensely valuable given society’s increasing digitization.

While risky, projects like Presearch, TokenFi, Forta, Dynexcoin, and Phoenix Chain show promising potential to generate substantial wealth creation if their ambitions materialize.

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