5 Best Crypto ICOs to Buy This Summer

The number of new crypto projects grows exponentially. A research by CoinGecko revealed that this year sees creation of 5,300 new tokens appear every day. Among the myriad of emerging crypto projects currently conducting an initial coin offering (ICO), a few stand out, grabbing headlines and much attention from the crypto community. These are BlastUP, CYBRO, ShibaBudz, Option2Trade, and Xuirin Finance. Why is there so much hype around these projects? 

BlastUP helps startups on Blast grow and prosper

BlastUP (BLP) is making waves as the first launchpad on the Blast blockchain, rapidly earning acclaim for its solid foundation, expert crypto development team, and meticulously crafted tokenomics. Seamlessly integrated with Blast—known for its unique Layer 2 blockchain technology—BlastUP builds on the platform’s credibility. Impressively, Blast has captured a vast audience, locking in a total value of $1 billion in just one month, and the launch of the Blast Mainnet has vaulted it into the top 10 projects by TLV.

The BlastUP token presale is progressing rapidly, with six of its ten phases already successfully completed. The success of this presale is obvious, as almost $5 million were raised in just a few weeks. These figures speak much for the trust and dedication of early investors who see great potential in the project. Still underway, the presale offers a prime opportunity to buy $BLP tokens at an attractive price.

At the heart of the Blast ecosystem, BlastUP emerges as a hub for crypto startups, designed to accelerate their growth and increase their earning potential. This strategy has already attracted a host of early-stage investors, drawn to its significant promise. With a community of over 10,000 BLP token holders and counting, BlastUP is the go-to destination for those looking to invest in the next big thing in the crypto world. 

CYBRO catalyzes yield growth on Blast 

CYBRO is another new entrant to the Blast ecosystem. It is a premier earn marketplace on Blast that offers high annual percentage yields (APYs) of up to 5% on stablecoins, significantly enhancing investor returns. The ongoing presale of CYBRO tokens, which has already seen over 21.5% of its total supply distributed at substantial discounts, highlights the strong investor confidence and potential for substantial growth.

The initial platform release of CYBRO is scheduled for Q2 2024, with a focus on high-yield staking, lending, and the future addition of leverage farming. This positions CYBRO as a dynamic hub for optimizing DeFi investments. Already, CYBRO has attracted considerable attention, with its presale drawing in investors eager to take advantage of the early discounted prices and the promise of elevated future returns.

At the heart of the Blast ecosystem, CYBRO emerges as an innovative platform designed to maximize the earning potential of its users and to facilitate seamless integration with real-world financial systems. With a vibrant community that’s rapidly growing and a roadmap packed with promising new features, CYBRO is the prime destination for those looking to invest in a promising emerging project.

Shiba Budz emerges as a meme token with enhanced gaming utility 

Shiba Budz (BUDZ) is a new meme token that competes in a dynamic market by leveraging humor, community engagement, and technology. Shiba Budz is integrated into the TreeHouse Gaming platform, enhancing its utility in digital finance and gaming.

The success of Shiba Budz is largely due to its community-centric approach, involving users in decentralized gaming and rewarding participation with BUDZ tokens. This has helped build a loyal user base and supports ongoing growth and innovation within its ecosystem.

Unlike other meme tokens that primarily rely on their viral nature, Shiba Budz offers practical applications through De-Fi, staking, and Web3 integrations, which provide real-world utility and could help sustain its long-term growth.

Looking ahead, Shiba Budz aims to continue its growth trajectory and further integrate gaming and community engagement into its platform, potentially changing the landscape of meme tokens by adding more utility and value.

Option2Trade integrates AI and Web3 for enhanced crypto trading 

Option2Trade (O2T) is a crypto trading platform that integrates DeFi, SocialFi, and AI technologies, utilizing Web3 and AI algorithms to provide market insights. The platform focuses on AI for market analysis and decision-making.

Option2Trade prioritizes transparency and security, offering DeFi trading, advanced trading tools, and 24/7 customer support. It operates without KYC requirements to facilitate a smoother user experience.

The platform serves a global audience with features like social trading, governance options, NFT marketplaces, and trading bots, aiming to meet the varied needs of traders and investors in the digital asset market.

Xuirin bridges traditional and decentralized finance with innovative DeFi solutions

Xuirin Finance is a DeFi innovation designed to offer decentralized financial services with secure DeFi debit cards and other financial tools. It allows users to conduct daily transactions using cryptocurrencies and features AI-enhanced P2P lending to safeguard financial assets.

The initiative aims to bridge the gap between decentralized and traditional finance by introducing solutions such as AI-enhanced peer-to-peer lending, DeFi debit cards, and a secure multi-chain DeFi wallet, enhancing transparency, efficiency, and inclusivity.

Xuirin facilitates a range of financial activities including bill payments, online purchases, and ATM withdrawals in cryptocurrencies, partnering with major providers like MasterCard and Visa to promote widespread cryptocurrency use.

The Xuirin ecosystem uses its XUIRIN tokens for savings, decision-making, and accessing financial services, enhancing their utility and value.


All of the ICO projects reviewed bring something unique to the table with their robust performance and ambitious plans. However, among these promising contenders, BlastUP and CYBRO stand out as the frontrunners. These projects not only meet but exceed expectations with their comprehensive security measures, robust tokenomics, detailed and thoughtful whitepapers, and strong community backing. These features position BlastUP and CYBRO as potential leaders in the never-ending chase for crypto supremacy. 

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