3 Top Gainers to Buy Now Trending on Dextools, But These 3 Projects Might Be Much Better Options

While Bitcoin remains sluggish as it stays trapped within its tight range between $29,500 and $31,500, the exciting low-cap crypto sector continues to thrive, providing substantial gains for brave investors.

The home for most of these low-cap gems is DexTools, with the best performers trending on its leaderboard.

The projects here are very risky but provide considerably higher returns than Bitcoin and the major altcoins, reaching as high as 30,000% for early investors in projects like PEPE.

Today, we take a look at the three best top gainers to buy that are trending on DexTools today – with Pepe clones continuing to trend and AI-based tokens making a comeback.

Although these projects are trending now, there are three alternative projects that traders believe are much better options with the opportunity for higher returns.

AI-Based Tokens Re-Entering Meta and Hit DexTools Trending

The three tokens worth noting today are Proof of Pepe ($POP), LootBox ($LOOT), and TruthGPT ($TRUTH) – all of which have seen substantial gains today;

Interestingly, after a long hiatus, two of these tokens are AI-based projects – bringing the AI narrative back into the trending meta.

For example, LootBox ($LOOT) stormed onto the scene today with a substantial 300% return;

The project is a Telegram AI-based bot that automates on-chain interactions, acting as a streamlined front-end application for hundreds of chains. It allows individuals to create automated tasks that could help them find new opportunities like Airdrop Farming.

Another AI-based project that’s erupted on the market is TruthGPT ($TRUTH), which has surged by a total of 100% today and is up by a total of 250% from the weekend;

Elon Musk inspired TruthGPT after he Tweeted that ChatGPT is providing biased information – something artificial intelligence shouldn’t be doing.

As a result, TruthGPT was created to provide unbiased information for people utilizing ChatGPT, allowing people to think freely and come up with their own conclusions from the information provided by the AI.

Pepe Clones Continue to Trend On Crypto Sphere

Although projects like $PEPE and $PEPE2.0 might have experienced a downturn recently, the Pepe-clone narrative remains alive as Proof of Pepe dominates the sector this week.

$POP surged by over 1800% over the weekend and is still currently up by 700% at the current price;

After taking a small dip yesterday, the bulls are back pushing this token higher, with traders expecting it to continue to push further throughout the week.

What Alternative Projects Might Provide Better Options?

Although these projects are trending on DexTools today, most gains have already passed.

You see, you have to be very early in these projects and invest before they hit the trending positions on DexTools. If the token is already trending, you can assume that you’ve missed the bulk of the surge.

Of course, you can still ride the trend and make profits while the momentum is still alive, but the life-changing returns from small investments are off the table.

As a result, traders are looking for alternative gems that haven’t already reached the top-trending on DexTools to help them provide the 100x returns that projects like $PEPE, $POP, and $TRUTH have already provided for early adopters.

In particular, many traders are flocking to three projects they think can potentially provide them with substantial returns. These are Wall Street Memes ($WSM), BTC20 ($BTC20), and yPredict ($YPRED).

Wall Street Memes Raises $15.5 Million as Fundraising Continues to Grow.

One of the leading projects that traders believe to provide 50x returns is Wall Street Memes.

The presale for $WSM recently surpassed the $15.5 million fundraising milestone, making it one of the most sought-after tokens in the meme coin space today.

Wall Street Memes has a thriving community, with over 1.1 million followers already paying attention to the project.

The overall theme behind Wall Street Memes is to make a mockery of the traditional financial system and greedy capitalists on Wall Street through a series of hilarious memes on social media.

The memes have become so popular and are already generating over 40 million monthly impressions – even at this early stage of the project.

Most notably, the memes have also drawn the attention of Elon Musk, who has commented on the truthful nature behind the memes on several occasions;

The interest from Elon Musk sparked a wave of investment into the project as traders speculated that the Dogefather had found another meme coin to champion alongside his beloved Dogecoin.

In addition, investors are captivated by the community-driven approach to the project, with the entire supply being reserved for the community as the team refused to allocate any $WSM for themselves – preventing the potential for a rug-pull.

Instead, half of the tokens are sold in the presale, with the other half being reserved for community rewards and adding liquidity to exchanges.

Speaking of exchanges, with the cult-like community of Wall Street Memes extending beyond 1.1 million followers, $WSM is in a perfect position to be guaranteed a major tier-1 exchange listing after its presale.

Experts believe that high-profile exchanges like OKX or Binance would rush to list the token due to the enormous trading volume the project will generate.

As a result, analysts are predicting huge returns for $WSM, with CryptoWendy0 stating that it could be at the forefront of the next crypto bull run;

Finally, the project has a lot of influencers promoting the project, with Crypto Jamie and Aaron CryptoNoob on board as brand ambassadors – increasing the credibility and reach of the project.

Investors are quickly experiencing FOMO for $WSM with the unique fusion of internet culture, meme-based humor, and incredible hype, causing them to flock to the presale.

With over two-thirds of the $WSM presale sold, investors must be quickly positioned at the presale prices before the token hits major exchanges.

BTC20 is Rewinding the Clock and Providing $1 $BTC Opportunities on the Ethereum Network

The next project experts believe can provide 100x returns is BTC20 – an ERC-20 version of Bitcoin built on the Ethereum blockchain with a groundbreaking staking mechanism.

The entire idea behind this project is to bring Bitcoin onto Ethereum and give everybody a chance to purchase an upgraded version of Bitcoin at its low prices during April 2011.

The presale for BTC20 just got started, meaning that you’re incredibly early to the party.

The presale takes inspiration from the early days of Bitcoin when $BTC was worth $1 with a 6.05 million circulating supply.

As a result, the presale is split into two parts, with the first phase selling 3 million $BTC20 at $1.

Once the $3 million soft-cap is reached, another 3.05 million $BTC20 will be made available for purchase – bringing the total presale supply up to 6.05 million.  

The total supply of $BTC20 is 21 million, and the remaining supply will be locked into the staking contract to provide rewards for those staking $BTC20.

The project has a verified staking contract that releases $BTC20 tokens in-line with the original Bitcoin block reward schedule.

When a new BTC block is confirmed, a number of $BTC20 tokens are released and distributed to stakers, creating a stake-to-earn ecosystem.

The more $BTC20 staked, the higher rewards earned for users.

The act of staking removes $BTC20 from the open market, incentivizes long-term participation, and reinforces the community-driven approach behind this project, making it an attractive long-term investment.

As a result, analysts are expecting huge returns from this project, with experts like Jacob Bury predicting at least 10x returns in its first few days following the presale;

With a small $3 million soft-cap, investors must act quickly to get positioned in $BTC20 as the presale is expected to sell out very quickly.

yPredict is Using AI to Create Profitable Traders and an Intuitive Results-as-a-Service Ecosystem

The final project that traders are looking for huge returns away from the trending DexTools leaderboard is yPredict. This groundbreaking AI-based system provides valuable insights to traders to become consistently profitable.

The entire idea behind this project is to provide a range of tools that traders can use to help them make wiser trading decisions and earn a living through the market.

Traders are rushing to this presale because the $YPRED token is intuitively integrated into every product within the ecosystem, providing it with utility and exceptional growth potential.

For example, traders will need to hold $YPRED tokens to access the yPredict Analytics suite, which provides traders an edge in the crypto market.

The product provides a new breed of trading tools powered by AI that can alert traders to imminent breakouts and new trends.

It will also give them confidence scores regarding the likelihood of the trend continuing or the breakout occurring.

The flagship product for yPredict is the yPredict Marketplace, which allows developers to use their skills in finance to list their own financial prediction models – creating a results-as-a-service economy.

Traders can browse the highest-performing prediction models and subscribe to them on a monthly basis using YPRED tokens.

The ecosystem also contains a range of SEO tools for web admins, free-to-use prediction models to attract new users, and an expert trading terminal for execution.

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