3 Presale Tokens Rising Fast: Which One Should You Buy First? (Galaxy Fox, Shiba Memu, Bitcoin Minetrix)

Successful investors understand that the real gains are made in presales, when coins can be purchased at a fraction of what they’ll eventually be sold for on the market once they launch on retail exchanges. Many of the best ICOs are done privately, offered exclusively to large investment funds, VCs and well-established crypto projects or exchanges. 

Only a handful of these presales are open to the public, and it’s prudent to do extensive research before investing into one of these early projects. With that in mind, here are three of the more promising presales available as of December 2023. Let’s take a look at each, then determine which one is the true stand-out.

Galaxy Fox – GameFi-Meets-Memecoins in a P2E Hybrid Concept

Galaxy Fox has captured a lot of attention lately for raising over $650,000 in just a few weeks since its presale began. With current market conditions being what they are, whales often search for early signs of momentum in new small-cap projects, which typically leads to later outperformance.

At first glance, $GFOX appears like a standard P2E crypto project. Players who end the season in the top 20% of the global leaderboard earn prizes. These rewards can be exchanged for $GFOX tokens —  the basic financial incentive to play the game’s runner mode.

Instead of only the top-ranked players earning rewards, in the Galaxy Fox ecosystem, all token holders can earn thanks to the deployment of Stargate — the protocol’s staking hub. Buy and sell taxes on the $GFOX token (6%) are split three ways: 2% Stargate, 2% Liquidity Pool, and 2% Treasury. 

Has this system intrigued whales? It certainly seems to be the case, as over 70% of the Stage 2 tokens are already sold out, and the project seems to be growing exponentially – quickly moving towards the $1 million mark, which would rank it easily among the best ICOs of 2023. 


Shiba Memu – The AI-Driven Incarnation of a Shiba Inu

Just when you thought another Shiba Inu-inspired memecoin was impossible, here comes Shiba Memu. You might be forgiven for dismissing it as just another copy cat (or dog, as the case may be). But Shiba Memu actually has some interesting attributes backing it up. The concept is an AI-driven memecoin that designs its own future and creates its own hype. Basically, an AI dog unleashed and allowed to run free, building its own community, marketing, social media engagement, etc. 

Users can engage directly with the AI Shib by talking to a robotic AI dog, among other things. The presale is now open, and according to the project’s roadmap, it will launch on major exchanges in Q1 2024. This project is completely legit, and so crazy that it just might work and turn out to be one of the best ICOs of 2023. So keep an eye out for it!

Bitcoin Minetrix – $BTC Cloud Mining Platform

Bitcoin Minetrix is a tokenized cloud mining platform that allows everyday people to mine $BTC in a decentralized way by tokenizing cloud mining to ensure a secure and transparent experience. This project aims to solve the  problem of the risk of third party cloud mining scams, putting the control into the hands of token holders.

Users can simply stake their $BTCMTX tokens to gain cloud mining credits. This decentralized method safeguards users by ensuring a secure and transparent mining experience. The presale has no defined end date, but will simply close when tokens are completely sold out. At the moment, this presale is still active and has raised over $5 million to date.

Conclusion: Winner is $GFOX

Presale ICOs are where the real action, and profits, are. Nothing beats getting in on a solid project early, before the retail stampede. Early investors are often already sitting on huge gains by the time most retail investors are just getting started. Both Shiba Memu and Bitcoin Minetrix offer interesting opportunities for the crypto space and could prove to be great investments. But the stand-out is $GFOX, due to its strong utility functions, staking rewards, versatility and tokenomics. So grab onto this chance while it’s still available – the next presale Stage 3 is coming soon, and with it a built-in price increase of over 30%. Best to act fast and get in quick before the token increases!

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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