3 Incredible Meme Coins To Watch Next Week With More Than 10x Potential

The meme coin industry continues to thrive as tokens like $PEPE and its copycat projects like $PEPE2.0, $EPEP, $PEPECOIN, and $PEPEGAINS all surge this week.

With all the industry’s attention focused on meme coins, traders are constantly looking for the next best meme coin opportunity on the market.

Fortunately, all available opportunities aren’t just Pepe-related copycats as a handful of newly emerging meme coins start to turn heads and experience their own major FOMO.

In particular, Thug Life, Mr. Hankey Coin, and Wall Street Memes continue gaining momentum as the hype builds for these projects.

Thug Life – Raises $1.5 Million as Investors Drawn In Through Fair Presale Proposal

Thug Life is one of the latest tokens that captivated the attention of meme coin investors as its presale quickly crossed the $1.5 million milestone.

Described as the ballers’ meme coin, Thug Life capitalizes on the timeless Thug Life movement popularized by hip-hop stars in the early 1990s.

Inspired by rappers like Snoop Dogg and solidified by Tupac, Thug Life is fuelled by humor, brotherhood, and the shared struggle of hustling in the Web3 world.

Investors quickly rush to get positioned in this project as they’re drawn in through its unique fair presale proposal and low-starting market cap value.

The project intends to build a united community to join together with diamond hands and rally behind the token to take it to exceptional heights.

To achieve this, Thug Life has enforced a $2 million hard cap on its presale, meaning that everybody won’t be able to get invested if they don’t act quickly.

Furthermore, instead of multiple presale stages, $THUG will be sold at a single price of $0.0007, allowing everybody to get positioned in the project on a level playing field.

The team believes this will help to cultivate a community that will hold the token for the long term, allowing it to grow out of the gates.

Thug Life has already started a wide-scale marketing campaign, with advertisements appearing on all popular trading sites, such as DexScreener.

Furthermore, the team has announced that there will be $200,000 worth of ETH to go into the liquidity pool when it launches, which will be locked by Team Finance for three months to prevent fears of any potential rug-pull.

With just two days left in this presale, the opportunity to get positioned in this budding presale will quickly disappear.

With the market cap starting at just $2.97 million, a 10x return is certainly an easy achievement for $THUG once it launches on decentralized exchanges next week. 

Buy THUG Today.

Mr. Hankey Coin – Low Market Cap Shitcoin Sold Out in Under 12 Hours

Another token that’s experienced overwhelming hype is Mr. Hankey Coin, a project inspired by the legendary South Park character of the same name.

Mr. Hankey Coin combines hilarity with high returns, using a unique theme with a fun-filled appeal to help it stand out in the crowded meme coin space.

The memorable and entertaining character caused a wave of FOMO in the Mr. Hankey Presale, which sold out its entire supply in just 12 hours!

The presale for $HANKEY went live on July 13th at 6 PM BST but was sold out just 12 hours from launching as its entire $500,000 allocation was snapped up by investors;

Described as “the number one shit coin,” $HANKEY intends to give an entirely new meaning to ‘dirty money.’

The project has an expert marketing team behind it with a huge marketing budget, who intend to make $HANKEY the fastest trending and best-performing token of 2023.

They want the token listed on as many centralized exchanges as possible to dominate in the meme coin market. 

They will continue their marketing campaign by putting $HANKEY in front of the industry through partnerships with CoinGecko, PooCoin, BeInCrypto, DexScreener, and more!

The unique theme and humorous side to the project puts it in a position to go absolutely viral next week.

With a starting cap of just $1.25 million, $HANKEY went live with good liquidity and a strong marketing campaign, with analysts expecting much higher than 10x returns from its launch this week.

For example, $HANKEY would only need to reach a $12.5 million market cap to provide 10x returns, which is relatively small for meme coins with hype and a strong community. 

Most importantly, the team will lock the liquidity once launched, so there are no fears of a rug-pull.

The token went live on exchanges on Friday and is quickly gaining momentum. 

Visit HANKEY Today

Wall Street Memes – 40 Million Tweet Impressions Per Month With Elon Watching

Wall Street Memes is the final meme coin that needs to be on your watchlist next week.

This meme coin has raised over $14.5 million in its presale, demonstrating the enormous level of interest in the project.

Investors are rushing to get involved in the $WSM presale due to its unique fusion of internet culture, meme-based humor, and decentralized finance.

Wall Street Memes has already managed to attract a cult-like community supporting the project, with over 1.1 million followers across its social media channels.

Investors are eager to see the long-term prospects behind the token after seeing how viral the memes are going on its Twitter profile.

The entire idea of Wall Street Memes is to make a mockery of the traditional financial system and the greedy pigs on Wall Street through hilarious social media memes.

The memes they’ve posted so far generate over 40 million monthly impressions, quickly making it the internet’s go-to venue for finance and trading-related memes.

The viral memes have become so popular that they’ve even attracted the attention of billionaire tech tycoon Elon Musk, who has been seen commenting on the memes on several occasions;

The interest from Musk has investors speculating if the Twitter CEO has an investment in the project to go alongside $DOGE in his meme coin portfolio.

In addition, investors are confident with the team’s commitment to the project after learning that they refuse to allocate any tokens for themselves.

Instead, the entire supply is dedicated to the community, with 50% sold in the presale and the other 50% reserved to add liquidity to exchanges and provide community rewards.

Overall, Wall Street Memes has hit the perfect balance between hype and FOMO, allowing it to already go viral during its presale.

With just one-third of the supply left in the presale, investors must be sharp to get positioned before the token hits major tier-1 centralized exchanges.

Buy WSM Today

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