3 hot tokens to buy before the bullrun: $SCARAB , $TAO,  $ROSE

Identifying promising tokens before they skyrocket is the ultimate goal for many investors. As the crypto market gears up for another potential bull run, three tokens have emerged as standout contenders: $SCARAB, $TAO, and $ROSE.

Let’s delve into what makes these tokens so hot and why you might want to consider adding them to your portfolio.

$SCARAB: Decentralized Venture Capital with a Twist

$SCARAB is the native token of Scarab DAO, a decentralized venture capital project that’s been gaining attention for its innovative approach to investments and governance. Unlike traditional venture capital, Scarab DAO empowers its community members to actively participate in shaping the trajectory of the project. Holding $SCARAB tokens grants you voting rights and a say in investment proposals, making it a unique and inclusive platform for crypto enthusiasts.

Scarab DAO’s recent focus on development and strategic partnerships further solidifies its potential. The project’s commitment to decentralized governance and ethical standards positions it as a promising contender for investors looking to make significant gains in the next bull run or to engage actively in the crypto venture capital landscape.

Scarab DAO launch is on Monday October 2nd 2023 at 5PM UTC:

$TAO: Decentralized Machine Learning

$TAO is the native token of Bittensor, an open-source protocol that’s set to revolutionize the world of machine learning. Bittensor’s vision is to create a pure market for artificial intelligence (AI), where consumers and producers of AI can interact in a trustless, open, and transparent context. Machine learning models are incentivized through $TAO tokens based on the value they provide to the collective.

Bittensor’s platform not only facilitates open access and decentralized governance but also taps into globally-distributed computing power and innovation. This approach not only optimizes AI development but also fosters a repository of machine intelligence that’s open to everyone, paving the way for open and permission-less innovation on a global scale.

$ROSE: Oasis – Scaling Web3 with Privacy

$ROSE is the native token of Oasis, a blockchain network that combines high throughput, low gas fees, and robust privacy features. Oasis is poised to power various aspects of the Web3 ecosystem, from DeFi and GameFi to NFTs and the Metaverse. Its architecture focuses on individual privacy protection, data governance, and responsible data use.

Oasis Labs, the technical contributor to the ecosystem, has garnered support from industry giants and recently announced a $235 million Ecosystem Fund to foster projects building on the network. Partnerships with companies like Meta and BMW Group Genetica further underline Oasis’s potential to drive Web3 forward and scale it from its infancy to maturity.

Why Consider These Tokens Before the Bull Run?

Investing in tokens like $SCARAB, $TAO, and $ROSE before a potential bull run can be a highly profitable strategic move. These tokens represent projects that have carved out unique niches in the crypto space, with a focus on decentralized venture capital, decentralized machine learning, and scalable, privacy-enabled blockchain networks.

Their recent developments, including Scarab DAO’s focus on development and partnerships, Bittensor’s vision for AI markets, and Oasis’s privacy-centric approach to Web3, all position these tokens as hot prospects for the future. As the crypto market gears up for potential growth, investors looking to diversify their portfolios and seize opportunities in emerging niches may find these tokens worth considering.

Scarab DAO Links:

linktr.ee/scarabdao | Website

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