3 Best Cryptos to Buy Now: Better Than Cardano ($ADA)

The Cardano ($ADA) ecosystem has been thriving since it began to roll out its DeFi ecosystem and its recent introduction of the Mithril upgrade.

The expanded infrastructure has caused development activity on the network to spike as it outcompetes all Layer-1 metrics in terms of DeFi growth, stablecoin market cap, and DEX volume.

However, the $ADA price lags behind the ecosystem’s growth as its token struggles to gain ground above $0.3.

As a result, investors are starting to diversify a small portion of their portfolios out of tokens like $ADA and $BTC to invest in alternative cryptos with lower market caps.

They reason that popular low-cap projects stand to provide outsized returns for their relatively small investment in the short term, as they hope to snag some short-term pumps to reinvest in the heavyweights later.

In particular, Wall Street Memes ($WSM), yPredict ($YPRED), and Launchpad.xyz ($LPX) are three ecosystems that have been generating traction in the past couple of weeks as the price of $ADA sinks.

Wall Street Memes Raises Over $20 Million as FOMO Kicks in With Final Presale Stages Upon Us.

The first token that provides better short-term opportunities than $ADA is Wall Street Memes ($WSM), a project that has raised over $20 million in its presale in just seventy days.

The extraordinary fundraising amount for $WSM demonstrates the immense hype behind this project, making it one of the fastest-growing presale projects in 2023.

The FOMO behind the project is officially kicking in as whales flock with massive investments in the final stages to snag their last opportunity to get positioned at presale prices.

For example, a whale recently bought 460 ETH worth of $WSM in one purchase – worth around $850,000;

The FOMO experienced by whales shows that the project has scope for incredible growth once it finally hits exchanges.

The entire idea behind Wall Street Memes is to expose the traditional financial system and mock the greedy capitalists on Wall Street through memes on its social media.

The memes have grown in popularity quickly, generating over 40 monthly million impressions, making it the internet’s source for trading and finance-related memes.

The popularity of the memes has allowed Wall Street Memes to cultivate a cult-like community of over 1.1 million followers.

The colossal following has experts believing that $WSM is now guaranteed a major tier-1 exchange listing as soon as it launches, with Binance and OKX expected to be some of the exchanges to rush to list the token.

These exchanges would benefit from the huge trading volume generated by the vast community.

In addition, investors are rushing to the token due to its community-driven tokenomics, with the entire 2 billion $WSM supply reserved for the community.

50% of the supply is sold in the presale, and the other 50% is reserved for community rewards and adding liquidity to exchanges.

Finally, when Elon Musk comments on your memes, you know you’re doing something correct.

The billionaire tech tycoon has been seen commenting on the Wall Street Memes on several occasions, speculating debate about his involvement in the project;

The huge community, hilarious memes, and attention from Elon Musk are reasons that experts believe that $WSM will be at the forefront of the next bull run;

Overall, Wall Street Memes has created the perfect blend of hype and FOMO in its presale to carry over to an impressive token launch, capable of providing 20-50x returns for investors.

If you’re interested in buying this token, you’ll have to be quick, as most of the presale allocation has already been sold. What’s left isn’t expected to remain on the shelf for very long before $WSM launches and trends across the industry.

Buy $WSM Today.

yPredict Provides Impressive Utility in AI-Powered Ecosystem

yPredict is another token that traders believe can provide better short-term gains than $ADA, as its token, $YPRED, is integrated into every aspect of its platform – giving it impressive utility.

yPredict is a next-generation AI-based trading research and analysis platform to get data-driven insights to help traders make better decisions.

The state-of-art financial prediction methods and metrics are designed to help traders gain insight into potential market movements, allowing them to get positioned in the right direction early to ride a trend or breakout.

The platform has a wide range of products, but its flagship feature is the yPredict Marketplace.

The marketplace allows financial AI/ML developers to list their own financial prediction models in a results-as-a-service economy.

Prediction models with the highest accuracy rating will appear at the top of the monthly rankings for traders to subscribe to.

Traders will be paying for these subscriptions in $YPRED tokens, providing long-term utility for holders.

70% of the subscription price is distributed to the developers listing the model, with the remainder being reinjected back into the ecosystem.

yPredict also features an analytics platform that lets traders get an edge in the financial market through a new breed of trading tools entirely powered by AI.

These AI tools will alert traders about imminent market breakouts and newly forming trends through pattern recognition and sentiment analysis.

Traders using this product must hold a minimum number of $YPRED tokens for access.

In addition to the trading tools, yPredict is also using its AI-based technology to expand into other services – broadening its utility.

One service is the yPredict Backlink Estimator, which will allow SEO experts to predict backlink count and authority metrics – helping them increase website traffic.

Another tool it’s using for its AI software is content editing. The yPredict Editor is a content creation product that helps streamline editors’ workflow through NLP-driven keyword suggestions and comprehensive scoring.

Overall, yPredict is turning into a utility powerhouse that will help the token’s value to explode as the platform gains adoption.

The best part is that the market cap for the project will start at just $6.5 million, providing room for exceptional growth beyond 10x returns once it launches.

Buy YPRED Today

Launchpad.xyz Helps You Find the Next Best Web3 Investment.

Launchpad.xyz ($LPX) – a platform helping make Web3 investment more accessible – is the final project touted to provide better short-term returns than Cardano.

Launchpad.xyz intends to offer a solution to the complex nature of Web3 investment by providing a single platform for investors to research and invest.

Its platform provides all the tools users need to succeed in Web3 by offering insights and learning, trading alpha, analytics, and strategy.

The entire idea of the project is to revolutionize how people invest in the Web3 space, humanizing the industry by making the interface more inviting and easy to access through a consumer-centric portal.

Launchpad.xyz wants to become the central portal for individuals to identify products relative to their interests and let them invest and track their investments with as little friction as possible.

The platform will allow users to find the best NFTs, fractionalized assets, utility tokens, presales, metaverse projects, and play-to-earn ecosystems in an easy-to-understand rankings system.

The best part about the system is that it utilizes an AI called Launchpad Quotient (LQ) to provide a single value to denote the risk-to-reward opportunity with any potential Web3 investment.

Overall, the Launchpad.xyz platform will help Web3 degens become more consistently profitable by finding better investment opportunities, allowing them to track their investments over time through one interface.

Users must hold the $LPX token and stake it to access the subscription service, providing demand for the native token.

Buy LPX Today

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