3 Altcoins That Are Gearing Up to Be The Biggest Gainers of Q3 2023

Which tokens are going to have a strong Q3 2023? That’s the question that’s on everyone’s minds at the moment, especially since altcoins look like they are going to have a pretty strong season. Already, there are some altcoins that are proving to be very lucrative.

These are Wall St Memes (WSM), Shibie Coin (SHIBIE), and XRP20 (XRP20). As we’ll see very soon, the tokens have enormous potential to change how we exchange value, as well as the ways in which we interact with each other. Let’s dive right into these tokens.

Wall St Memes Is Fun, Finance, and Tomfoolery

Wall Street Memes (WSM) is a remarkable community that was born out of the GameStop controversy and the Wall Street Bets campaign. It skillfully integrates elements of online culture, meme-based humor, and the financial sector. Wall Street Memes’ major goal is to mock and critique the traditional financial system while allowing users to invest in its cryptocurrency, with the focus course being a meme coin of the highest order.

The movement’s primary incarnation is the WSM token, which Wall Street Memes first introduced. This coin gives users the option to make speculative wagers similar to those made on Wall Street in a fun and irreverent manner. By joining the Wall Street Memes group and purchasing WSM, individuals may demonstrate their support for the campaign and earn from it.

Wall Street Memes are a symbol of the internet’s victory over unrestrained capitalism because they were inspired by the very movement that gave rise to them. “Greed is good,” Gordon Gekko famously declared in the 1980s as he amassed wealth from stocks with little fundamental value. 

Pre-sale sales of the WSM token are now taking place, and each token costs $0.0331. The cost per token will rise to $0.0334 in the next phase. Even though the project has not been around for too long, it has already received a ton of support, raising more than $22.5 million during the presale.

The token can be bought by those interested using either ETH or USDT as their preferred payment method. Transparency is highly valued by the WSM team, and they provide extensive information about the project’s tokenomics. In terms of the overall token supply, 20% is split equally between CEX and DEX liquidity, 30% is put aside for community prizes, and 50% is allotted for the presale.

As WSM moves through higher tiers of the presale, token could sell out swiftly because of the significant interest in it. Investors are anticipated to enthusiastically join the project in the coming weeks, contributing to the growing excitement for WSM.

There is also the opportunity to potentially qualify for a future WSM token airdrop by actively engaging on various social media platforms. Anyone with a WSM token can participate in this spectacular airdrop if they trade or own them. Wall St Memes is an intriguing investment opportunity due to its special characteristics that increase its general attractiveness.

One of its most distinguishing features is the vast and well-established community that Wall St Memes has formed across a number of social media platforms. This user base currently provides a strong foundation for rapid growth and development. Furthermore, Elon Musk’s prominence in the meme currency sector means that interactions and connections with influential people like him have probably had a big influence.

Wall St Memes’ chances of being listed on a respected tier 1 exchange are considerably increased by the community’s persistent support and enthusiasm. A listing like this is essential for the project’s development and success moving ahead since it makes it more visible and approachable, which in turn reaches a broader audience.

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Shibie Coinis The Latest Meme Coin Rage

The Shibie Coin (SHIBIE) project is attractive to investors because it combines Barbie’s timeless elegance with the distinctive charm of the Shiba Inu in a single token. The joint efforts of these two cultural titans will test the limits of the bitcoin market and result in a project that combines interesting content with a methodical investment approach.

The token refers to itself as “nasty bombshell bitch,” the cryptocurrency industry. Through a well-planned, amusing experience for investors, she will inspire you to question the accepted conventions in the bitcoin industry. It’s unquestionably a distinctive emblem that personifies humor, confidence, and other qualities that make for wonderful memes. 

Shibie recreates the extraordinary SHIB price spike while emulating a dynamic and ardent feeling of community. Shibie wants to compete with the well-known Shiba Inu and Barbie brands with her initiative through a special blend of humpr and sophistication.

The project’s presale includes everything needed to encourage participation and ensure investors’ long-term potential. The presale price of SHIBIE is now $0.000167, with a hard ceiling of $999,999. Act now because the presale will end in one day! In a relatively short amount of time, it has raised over $232,000.

The initiative also includes an AI-powered Telegram bot that offers community members more fun and ecosystem knowledge. SHIBIE is unquestionably a good meme token. It has a distinct character, a strong sense of community, and an incredibly effective marketing strategy.

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XRP is Being Supplanted by The Next-gen XRP20

One of the more intriguing projects to emerge in recent weeks is XRP20 (XRP20). The token is ERC-20 compliant and naturally draws inspiration from the original XRP token created by Ripple Labs. This new endeavor gives an opportunity for anyone who missed out on the original token’s impressive climb. It’s crucial to realize that XRP20 is an independent project from XRP and Ripple Labs.

The XRP20 coin is presently worth $0.000092 during the presale for the token. The project’s target funding amount is $3,680,000, and the presale’s minimum soft ceiling is $1,850,000. If the past history of XRP is any indication, there is a considerable possibility that this investment will be profitable. So far, it has raised nearly $1.5 million.

New Meme Coin to Watch Aiming to be Next $BONK, $WIF or $MEW

Milei Moneda is a new meme coin inspired by the political and economic views of Javier Milei, an Argentine president known for his libertarian and pro-Bitcoin stance. You have an opportunity with the ongoing low presale price to get in early!


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The token distribution process has been carefully developed to encourage long-term growth and recognize active participation. The presale will consume 40% of the whole supply, with the remaining 40% going to the project’s staking pool. XRP20 is a deflationary coin since it also burns 0.1% of each buy and sell transaction over time. Unlike XRP, there are no tokens reserved for the team or founders, ensuring that everyone participant has an equal opportunity.

The XRP20 roadmap places a lot of emphasis on building a solid community and fostering value growth. Before the coin is listed on a decentralized exchange (DEX), the team will focus on pre-launch marketing and burn activation to make it more scarce. Community staking will be a part of the developments after the launch, which will undoubtedly attract a large number of investors. For more updates, take a look at the XRP20 Telegram group and Twitter account

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The crypto market has a lot going for it in the third quarter of 2023. Investors have a lot to choose from, but they can be sure that Wall St Memes (WSM), Shibie Coin (SHIBIE), and XRP20 (XRP20) are some of the promising tokens available. With the presales seeing great participation, it’s imperative that would-be investors join the presales as quickly as possible.

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