2024 Starts Strong for Ethereum at $2,400; Hedera & InQubeta Welcome Surge of New Investors

The Ethereum (ETH) network is off to an excellent start in 2024 with prices breaking the $2,400 resistance level on Jan. 1 to launch the new year. Cryptocurrency traders are calling it one of the best cryptos to buy now as some projections have prices rising to as much as $5,800. The second most popular cryptocurrency has enjoyed over 70% gains in the last year.

One of the new DeFi projects launched on the Ethereum network, InQubeta (QUBE), is seeing a surge in investor interest as its presale sells over $8.1 million worth of tokens. The project aims to create an alternative medium to invest in artificial intelligence with ERC20 coins

Hedera (HBAR) investors enjoyed 70% returns last year and it provides a launching pad for decentralized applications. Its ecosystem rivals the Ethereum network in functionality. 

InQubeta (QUBE) emerges as one of the most popular NFT projects in the cryptocurrency space

Investors simply can’t get enough of the InQubeta project. Its focus on artificial intelligence positions the investing platform for substantial growth thanks to the more efficient alternative it provides. Investors no longer have to miss out on opportunities simply because they don’t meet the criteria many traditional investing avenues have to gain access to their services. 

InQubeta intends to democratize the AI investment space by allowing investors worldwide to partner up with AI firms by buying up ERC20 coins that serve as digital proof of investment opportunities. These tokens appreciate as their makers increase their market capitalizations and some deliver additional bonuses like profit sharing. 

These non-fungible tokens are created by AI startups seeking funding. They are sold on the NFT marketplace for QUBE, which these firms can liquidate for fiat. 

A well-designed ecosystem

InQubeta has the potential to be one of the top avenues investors use to invest in artificial intelligence thanks to the efficient and easily accessed investment space it plans to deliver. Anyone who buys QUBE gets to be part of the network’s governance so they have a say in the direction the project moves. Hodlers can propose new ideas and vote on existing proposals, with the size of their QUBE bags determining how much weight their vote carries. QUBE hodlers can also stake their bags to earn additional tokens periodically. 

Over $1.5 trillion is expected to be invested in AI by 2030 thanks to the technology’s fast-increasing viability. InQubeta is ideally positioned to play a major role in guiding some of these funds to startups in its ecosystem. 

Analysts project Ethereum (ETH) prices to soar in 2024

While discussions about a Bitcoin (BTC) spot exchange-traded fund have dominated the cryptocurrency space, Steven McClurg, the Chief Investment Officer at Valkyrie Invest believes an Ethereum ETF could be one the way if the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approves a BTC ETF. 

However, there might be some regulatory challenges since Ethereum is presently classified as a security while Bitcoin is recognized as a commodity. This creates a more complicated approval process for an Ethereum ETF. 

An Ethereum ETF getting approved would send prices up as more capital enters the space, but ETH prices will likely grow exponentially regardless of what occurs. 

Hedera reveals HBAR Foundation 2024 Strategy event

Hedera’s developers recently announced their plans to discuss the project’s growth strategy for 2024. HBAR closed out 2023 with a bang, with prices rising 51% in December. The top altcoin saw prices come close to breaking the $0.10 resistance level, but they’ve come down 20% since then, making them quite cheap. Now’s a good time to stock up on Hedera before another bull run starts. 


QUBE, ETH, and HBAR are good crypto investments to make right now to earn considerable returns before the year ends. QUBE will likely outpace BTC and HBAR given how much momentum its presale is generating and price projections that expect 100x growth. 

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