100x Small Caps That Should Be on Your Radar

2024 will likely be a year of significant growth for crypto markets. There will be a broader adoption of blockchain technologies, and steady growth in various altcoins is expected over the year. The next year seems to be extra profitable for the small-cap coins that bring innovation to the market.

The following guide underlines the top 4 altcoins poised for explosive growth in 2024, so if you’re looking for the best alt coins to watch and buy, you have come to the right place. Let’s jump into the details and see what coins you should monitor carefully.

Galaxy Fox Takes the Name of the Best ICO Crypto

Galaxy Fox is the latest addition to the meme coin markets, but it’s not another worthless, low-utility platform like most other memes. It combines elements from three multi-billion dollar industries, meme coins, gaming, and NFTs, offering a unique mix of features that make it an attractive investment option.

Players start the game by choosing the fox-themed avatar, and they earn tokens by participating in running competitions. During the presale, Galaxy Fox plans to release a unique, 3000-piece collection of NFTs that will be mintable on the in-house NFT marketplace and also tradable on Opensea. Also, these NFTs will have a unique role in the web3 game, letting players boost their competitive edge and rank up in the top 20% on the leaderboard to get massive financial rewards.

The project’s presale keeps impressing investors – within only a few weeks, the sales surpassed $1.3 million, and tokens sold reached 1.5 billion. Notably, the total supply of $GFOX is 5 billion, and looking at the rapid sell-out, it seems like $GFOX is about to become one of the scarcest and most valuable members of the meme coin market.

It should be mentioned that Galaxy Fox has introduced a tiered presale price structure. It means that out of 10, each stage starts with an increased price. This leaves no time for doubts and makes inventors rush in to benefit from this gradually increasing price.

$GFOX is audited and KYC-verified and its intense presence across multiple social media platforms tells a lot about its popularity. So, if you wish to capitalize on the next meme coin surge, put the $GFOX on top of your watchlist. 

Immutable Performance & Outlook

Immutable is a platform that makes creating games for the Web3 world easier on the Ethereum blockchain. It offers tools that are easy to use, helping game developers to get their games out quickly without losing out on safety or the quality of the game.

The recent updates reveal that Immutable zkEVM, a new generation scaling platform based on Zero-Knowledge proofs and created with Polygon Labs, will enable developers to eliminate transaction fees. This change aims to give users a smoother start and improve their overall experience.

The market has reacted positively to this news, showing confidence in Immutable’s future. Notably, the $IMX crypto saw its price go up by 370% in 2023, especially during a strong market surge in November. Looking forward, many expect this upward trend to continue in 2024 and think that $IMX is one of the top alt coins to watch.

Floki Inu Analysis

Recently, the cryptocurrency Floki Inu has seen some important changes that could affect its value. DWF Labs bought $1.25 million worth of $FLOKI tokens. This led to an 18% rise in Floki’s price in just one day. 

This big investment shows a lot of confidence in Floki and matches the current trend in the growing cryptocurrency market. Also, FlokiFi Locker, a service in the Floki network, reached its highest-ever Total Value Locked (TVL) of over $100 million. This achievement shows that more users trust Floki’s services, like storing tokens and DeFiservices.

Should you Buy $CAKE?

PancakeSwap has shown a mixed growth trend. While its year-to-date (YTD) performance has dropped by 35%, it has seen a notable increase in the past six months. The overall market sentiment largely influences this change.

The recent rise in $CAKE’s value is attributed to PancakeSwap’s announcement of rewards for its community members, especially those staking to support the protocol. Though independent, PancakeSwap often benefits from the success of Binance and its ecosystem. As the first DEX on the BNB Chain protocol, it has an advantage over competitors. A recent decision to reduce $CAKE emissions led to a 6% increase in its token value.

Traders are showing a positive interest in PancakeSwap, partly due to its reputation. It’s becoming a popular alternative to Uniswap for those seeking lower gas fees. Also, PancakeSwap is expanding beyond being just a DEX, having launched a play-to-earn game and committing to a burn program to enhance $CAKE’s deflationary nature.


2023 was a year with many ups and downs, but finally, the market seems to be stabilizing on bullish trends. If you wish to capitalize on this opportunity, looking at the best ICO presales might be the smartest choice due to their innovative market entries and quick growth opportunities. 

Among such coins, $GFOX is definitely one of the best alt coins to watch. Its gradually increasing price is about to bring over 120% returns to the current-stage investors once it launches. If you wish to become one of these lucky gainers, join the community and explore the project further.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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