$1.38 Billion Worth Of Token Unlocks For April Including dYdX, SUI And Others

The crypto markets are bracing for a significant event as TokenUnlocks data reveals a wave of large-value token unlocks scheduled for April. The provided information indicates that tokens with unlocked values exceeding $10 million will collectively unleash over $1.38 billion into the market.

The Tokens Facing Massive Unlocks

Among the tokens facing substantial unlocks are some of the most prominent names in the crypto space, including:

  • DYDX: 33.33M tokens worth $113.33 million, representing 11.35% of the total supply.
  • ZETA: 5.29M tokens worth $11.12 million, accounting for 2.24% of the supply.
  • SUI: 34.62M tokens worth $65.77 million, equating to 2.81% of the supply.
  • GAL: 3.00M tokens worth $14.63 million, constituting 3.34% of the total supply.
  • APT: 24.84M tokens worth $409.89 million, a significant 6.25% of the supply.
  • CYBER: 886.12K tokens worth $12.38 million, representing 5.98% of the supply.
  • STRK: 64.00M tokens worth $136.32 million, accounting for 8.79% of the total supply.
  • ARB: 92.65M tokens worth $151.94 million, equating to 3.49% of the supply.
  • APE: 15.60M tokens worth $30.89 million, constituting 2.48% of the supply.
  • AXS: 10.87M tokens worth $117.39 million, representing 7.63% of the total supply.
  • IMX: 34.19M tokens worth $103.99 million, accounting for 2.40% of the supply.
  • PIXEL: 54.38M tokens worth $39.67 million, equating to 7.05% of the supply.
  • ID: 18.49M tokens worth $18.93 million, constituting 4.29% of the supply.
  • YGG: 16.69M tokens worth $23.37 million, representing 5.33% of the total supply.
  • AGIX: 8.71M tokens worth $11.32 million, accounting for 0.68% of the supply.
  • OP: 24.16M tokens worth $87.71 million, equating to 2.40% of the supply.
  • PRIME: 1.66M tokens worth $36.23 million, constituting 4.44% of the total supply.
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Potential Market Impact and Investor Strategies

Token unlocks, especially of such a significant magnitude, can potentially impact market dynamics and token prices. Investors and traders will closely monitor these events, as an influx of newly available tokens could lead to increased selling pressure and potential price corrections.

While token unlocks are not inherently negative events, as they often serve to incentivize project development and community participation, their timing and scale can influence market sentiment and trading strategies.

As the substantial token unlocks draw near, market participants may contemplate implementing risk management strategies, like adjusting position sizes or setting stop-loss orders, to mitigate potential volatility and safeguard their holdings.

Additionally, investors and traders may seize opportunities to accumulate tokens at discounted prices during potential dips or consolidation periods following the unlocks.

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