Unstoppable Domains Review – How To Buy And Sell Crypto Domains?

Unstoppable Domains Review – How To Buy And Sell Crypto Domains?
As earlier mentioned, Unstoppable domains makes it easier to receive different Cryptos quickly with just a human-readable name. It also works as a payment gateway.
They are not held by any custodian but the owner alone, acting as an alternative to the DNS system.
No one can restrict your access or remove your domain without your consent, as no third party is involved.
No renewal fees; once you acquire your domain name, it is yours forever.
Transferring domain names is easier and faster as long as you follow the procedures.


Do you know one of the most painful things ever? Sending your precious cryptocurrency to the wrong address. Though many have adopted the copy and paste method, yet after pasting, you may still have to carry out a conscientious check to be sure the correct address was pasted correctly. 

Tired of managing those long, different alphanumeric addresses for different cryptocurrencies? Well, Unstoppable Domains is an apt solution to your stress.

The unstoppable domains are built on top of the Ethereum blockchain which makes them immutable and transparent. This means they cannot be censored or taken down by any government agency.

Unstoppable Domains also simplifies crypto payments since it replaces cryptocurrency addresses with human-readable URLs.

If you’re using a domain name from a company like godaddy.com, you certainly know they are not permanently yours. You pay renewal fees annually, right? You’re simply renting the domain name through an ICANN-certified domain name registrar since it’s impossible for you to get the domain directly from ICANN. 

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is a non-profit international organization that coordinates and manages the domain names registrar system

In contrast to traditional domains, Unstoppable Domains is built on Crypto Name Service (CNS), issued on an ERC 721 token on the Ethereum blockchain,  which permits users to control their domains from their crypto wallets. It also makes it possible for users to interact with any site and link.

Unstoppable Domains


Unstoppable Domains is a domain registry platform that sells blockchain-based domain names. It allows you to buy a blockchain domain name, use it as a human-readable name and then connect it to a personal cryptocurrency wallet to receive your crypto. 

The main idea behind a .crypto or .zil domain or any of the other domain extensions available for purchase through Unstoppable Domains is to improve user-friendliness and facilitate a simple and secure way for people to interact with crypto addressed since it offers an easy-to-use user interface.

Unstoppable Domains presents a verifiable way of sending and receiving cryptocurrencies, saving you the fret and pain of sending your cryptos to an incorrect address. In essence, instead of copying and pasting or at all using that long public wallet address you want to send your cryptos to, you could just use the receiver’s domain name, e.g. meandyou.crypto, or olem.zil 

👉 Easy Peazy!! 

Unstoppable Domains is a multifunctional system that can build and establish websites, aside from buying blockchain domain names. It is passionate about simplifying people’s interactions with crypto addresses and transforming the whole Internet from a centralized standing to a decentralized one.

Unstoppable Domains has also been integrated into the crypto-friendly Brave Browser.


This domain is not stashed on a server but in a wallet tied to an openly accessible blockchain. Once you acquire a domain, you have absolute control over it. The selected domain name of your choice, be it .zil (on Zilliqa blockchain), .crypto (on ETH blockchains), or.nft, becomes permanently registered on the blockchain.

Contrary to traditional domain names which can be destroyed by the host, Nft Domains are yours completely. They are censorship immune, so you alone can alter your domain name, perhaps updating it. Furthermore, the platform provides universal usernames.

With Unstoppable Domains, users can send various cryptocurrencies with just one domain name. If you want to send cryptocurrency, all you will need is the recipient’s ‚easy to remember‘ NFT domain.


Yes. Unstoppable Domains are really safe. They remain under your address and are linked to the blockchain through smart contracts. 

In view of the fact that the decentralized blockchain platforms used like Zilliqa and Ethereum blockchain are safe, Unstoppable Domains share the same security. More? You can secure the site for buying the domain with two-factor authentication.

What happens if a server breaks down?

No worries. The platform content remains intact. Unstoppable Domains is hosted by a decentralized hosting service known as IPFS (Interplanetary File System), which houses the entire content of the platform and makes it accessible even if a server crashes.

Discard the thoughts of your domain being blocked by a third party because once you own a domain, you own it. It is censorship immune; therefore, you are in complete control.


With less than $50, you can own a .crypto domain name. At least, that’s a one-time purchase; no yearly renewal is required.

The cost of each domain is based on:

  • the specific domain type you choose. This ranges from $20 to over $25000. You can get .wallet at a lower price than .crypto
  • The length and quality of the domain name. For example, the length of premium domains is short; thus, they are simple and easy to remember though they are pretty expensive.

 Since domains are registered on the blockchain, you will have to pay a transaction fee in ETH to claim them. However, this gas fee depends on the current price of ETH at the time the transaction is carried out.


Let’s take a look at the plus features of this Domain:

  1. It is censorship immune. No other entity can control your digital identity. The platform itself will not make any changes against your permission. Interestingly, you can change or update your domain name to prevent it from being stolen. No reliance on centralized ownership.
  2. One-time purchase. Once a domain name is bought, it remains yours for all time. This captivating feature differentiates Unstoppable Domains from a traditional domain that is rented and thus has to be renewed to claim continuous ownership. Once you pay the one-time fee, there is no such thing as a renewal.  
  3. You can use one domain name to receive over 270 different cryptocurrency assets.
  4. Additional functionalities include payment gateway, hosting online apps and games, and creating websites.
  5. Storage in a personal wallet. Your domain name is stored in your wallet and can be used as an asset. Any update on the domain must first be signed by the attached wallet.
  6. The learn feature, provides newbies with a step-by-step, satisfactory, and easy guide and tour of the various services rendered by the system.
Unstoppable Domains


The unstoppable domain gives room for a certain level of transparency. It is arrayed with so many excellent features. Yet, it battles with its own challenges. We will address them more in due course in this article.


Register an NFT domain, following the steps below

  • Sign in to the website if you already have an account. Do you not have one? Sign up with your email to create one.
  • Search for the domain name of your choice using the search bar.
  • Check if your searched domain name is available among the listed extensions. If not, kindly choose from the suggested ones. You’ll find them listed with their prices. Add your selected domain to the cart.
  • Next is to complete your purchase with the payment. You can pay through several methods, which include credit cards, your cryptocurrencies, PayPal, or with the crypto.com App

The domain name you purchased remains in the database until you claim it using your crypto wallet. If you buy a .crypto domain, just go ahead and move it from the database to the blockchain with your Ethereum wallet. Claim the ownership of the purchased domain, mint it by registering it on the blockchain, then save it in your personal wallet.

To view your domain name and to add your Ethereum, Zilliqa, and Bitcoin addresses to your domain, check the section ‚My domains‘. 

Without your wallet, you cannot control your domain. And without your private keys, no access to your wallet. That’s how it works!


After purchasing your unstoppable domain, you can proceed to claim it with your Trust wallet or Metamask wallet. But before you go ahead with the steps below, ensure you have some ETH in your wallet.

  • Select ‚my domain‘ after clicking the top left corner.
  • You will be offered options, but remember you want to claim with ETH.
  • Go ahead and tap the ‚claim with ETH‘ button.
  • You will find the button ’send code by email‘. Click it and wait to receive the code in your email.
  • Enter the code and choose web3 wallet.
  • Click next to connect with your wallet.
  • Sign the transaction and then click the ‚view domain‘ button. Wait until the end of the process, and there you are!


NFTs are known to be a revealer of some digital assets on the blockchain. Let’s consider some of the use cases of NFT domains.

  • Ticketing: One of the problems facing some ticketing industries is the series of complaints from their customers about being scammed from buying online tickets. NFT domains can be used to verify ticket authenticity, putting the buyer’s mind at rest. 
  • Documentation: As we know, some people present fake certificates, credentials, passports, driver’s licenses to hold a job. After all, it often takes time for the company or institution to verify such credentials. To save a whole lot of time, NFT domains can be used to verify those documents quickly to prevent fraud.
  • Real-world assets: what about verifying the ownership of real assets such as cars, land, and houses? NFT domains can be adopted to prevent people from stealing assets and reselling them. Therefore, as the metaverse concept achieves mainstream adoption, NFT domains will be significant parts of the digital world. 
  • Personalized Payments: Unstoppable domains have demonstrated how this could be the next level of crypto transactions. Personal and business payments can be made faster and easier using NFT domains.

The concept can also be utilized in sports, music, arts, and many more.


  1. Go to the menu and click the website button. You will be provided with a template where you can build your web
  2.  On the choose a template page, you will find different models you can pick from.
  3. Utilize the right navigation bar to insert the titles, texts, colors, images, and all which you would like to use for the web.
  4. Then click the publish to IPFS button. You will be asked to sign two transactions to prove the domain ownership with your wallet.
  5. Your website will be uploaded to IPFS. Note that it may take some minutes for the website to become accessible. 
  6. Go to the homepage again  and select domains
  7. Select website
  8. You’ll find the section ‚upload files to IPFS‘; just click that to upload and connect your website.
Unstoppable Domains

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Unstoppable Domains

Ease of use
  • As earlier mentioned, Unstoppable domains makes it easier to receive different Cryptos quickly with just a human-readable name. It also works as a payment gateway.
  • They are not held by any custodian but the owner alone, acting as an alternative to the DNS system.
  • No one can restrict your access or remove your domain without your consent, as no third party is involved.
  • No renewal fees; once you acquire your domain name, it is yours forever.
  • Transferring domain names is easier and faster as long as you follow the procedures.
  • You bear the whole responsibility for your assets. After all, it is decentralized. If you lose your wallet or device (which houses your domain name), probably it got stolen, you forgot your private keys, or your account was hacked, sorry your access is gone.
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