How To Transfer Crypto (BTC, ETH, SHIB, ADA etc.) From Binance to FTX?


  • Trying to deposit a non-supported token may result in the loss of tokens.
  • Send a small test amount first
  • Beware when choosing the network which you want to use for sending crypto

How to Withdraw Cryptocurrency on Binance

In order to move your cryptocurrency from Binance to FTX, first, we need to log into our Binance account.

After we sign in, we will see the main dashboard. Click on the “Wallet” button and pick the overview option or alternatively you could pick fiat and spot as well. Both will redirect you to an option to withdraw.

At overview, you will see a total estimate of your cryptocurrency value, and you will see deposit and withdraw buttons. 

After you click the withdraw button you will be redirected to picking the coin and the network. If you click on the coin selection there will be a list with all the coins Binance offers pop up.

Here on this list, you could pick all the coins you would like to withdraw. It will have all the coins you have funds at the top and then it will have every other coin Binance lists. You could search for the coin you want to sort faster.

You will be asked to also type in the address as well, which we will not have so far since we haven’t taken the address from FTX. So let us move to FTX to get the deposit address in order to finish the withdrawal process.

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Deposit address from FTX

Here we can see the main home page of FTX. In order to get the deposit address, we will click our account at the top with our email written on it.

This will pop up the drop-down menu that we can see here. Click on the “wallet” button here just like we did on Binance but this time around we will do it for deposit and not withdraw.

Here we can see all the coins we have and all the coins FTX offers. Scroll down the list to see the coin you want to transfer.

When you find the coin you want to deposit (or transfer in this case), click on the deposit button next to it. It will redirect you to the address.

Here, click copy on the address bar and you will have the deposit address ready. Go back to Binance to finish the withdrawal.

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Last stages of Binance withdrawal

After you have the address, pick the network as well. Make sure that you pick the right network in both places, otherwise, you will not receive your funds. Picking a network is one of the most important parts of cryptocurrency transfering. If you pick a clogged and slow network then it will cost you more and will take longer. So pick the network with the least resistance and the fastest one in order to get it cheap and quick.

When you are done, type in the amount or click max if you want to move all of it. Double-check it all one last time and click the big yellow “withdraw” button.

This is the confirmation and security page. You will have to click “click to get the code” for email or phone verification whichever you use, or both if you are using both. Then write the google 2FA code on your phone as well. Click submit when all of them are done and you will be finished. Now it is time to wait for the process to be done.


Where is My Crypto Deposit?

Binance will take around 15 minutes at most to process your withdrawal. This means the rest of it depends on which network you have picked. A faster network will mean you will get it around 20 minutes maximum, a slower one will bring that number higher.

Does Binance have crypto withdrawal fees?

Binance charges withdrawal fees based on both the coin and the network you are using. Some coins are only available for single networks while some others have multiple network options. You can check this page to learn more about the fees on Binance.

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