Women want to break dominance of the “Bitcoin Machos”

Women defend themselves against the “Bitcoin Bros”, which are omnipresent in virtual currencies and the blockchain. 84 men and three women spoke at the “North American Bitcoin Conference”.

The explanation for this invitation policy: According to the organizers, there were no more women in this sphere. Now the women set up their own businesses, organise events and collect signatures with a petition to force companies to be more diverse. Only three to five percent of women have invested.

An article in the New York Times first points to the sexist advertising of the cryptocurrencies and names the industry a “Boy’s Club” and the speculators “Blockchain Bros”. According to a study, only 5.7 percent of investors in digital currencies appear to be female. This is reminiscent of the low proportion of women in the technology sector in general, which is somewhat higher (18 percent) but still unevenly distributed. Why the reluctance? Another study seems to show that women in the stock market are more cautious about speculation and risk. A longer-term analysis proves, however, that they leave with more profit than men.

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Diversity could have consequences The Canadian broadcaster CBC warns that this diversity is a bad change for the economy and the general welfare. The first few days of an industry are usually the most valuable. The winners of these days then decide in whom and what they invest. If these are mainly men, it can be very one-sided and have consequences.


Some women who move in the field of cryptocurrencies are aware of this inequality. Alexia Bonatsos asks the women on Twitter to deal with this topic, because otherwise “the men will get all the wealth again”.

In the meantime, there are numerous events that specifically aim to attract a female audience. An online petition by the “Collective Future” group wants to encourage companies in the industry to pay more attention to diversity. Too often, women are seen as hired models or paid companions at events like the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami. The male influence is particularly evident in the location selection of the aftershow party, which was held in a strip club.

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