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Nexium Coin is the cryptocurrency for the game Beyond the Void, which is also based on the Ethereum blockchain. To ensure maximum compatibility with the existing blockchain, Nexium Coin is an ERC-20 compliant payment method that can be used in the Mist Ethereum Wallet or MyEtherWallet. com. 

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However, unlike other cryptocurrencies, Nexium Coin cannot be gained by mining, staking or playing Beyond the Void. The only way to purchase Nexium Tokens is to exchange them directly at the exchanges Poloniex, Bittrex, Openledger and Etherdelta.

Nexium’s basic blockchain technology guarantees no influence by banks or governments.

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What company is behind Nexium Coin?

Nexium is backed by the French company B2EXPAND, founded in January 2017 by the Burgel family. B2EXPAND is also the first company to develop a cross-gaming ecosystem based on the Ethereum blockchain.

The first published project is the one-on-one strategy game, which is located in a outer space scenario. The game is free to play, but there are some things that can be bought at a small price, which make cosmetic changes to the character. All upgrades are paidin Nexium, the specially developed cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain.

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B2EXPAND is also a family business run by Eric Burgel, the head of the family. Eric Burgel is a trained programmer with many years of experience as a data processing designer. Mexene Burgel is also the head of development and responsible for the graphic design of the games. He has many years of experience as a graphic designer in the gaming industry and is also a Unity developer.

Remi Burgel is a Game Designer and also an Ethereum Smart-Contract developer. Manon Burgel will also be responsible for marketing and sales. In addition, B2EXPAND employs several developers to further develop the platform.

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What is the market capitalization of Nexium Coin?

Nexium’s current market capitalization is $19.3 million, with a target value of €110,000 being set for the Initial Coin Offering. The cryptocurrency Nexium is traded under the abbreviation NXC. The current price of an NXC token is USD 0.15, but it is still well below the all-time high of USD 0.50. This value was quoted on 21 October 2017.

66.5 million tokens are currently in circulation. However, only 29 million coins were sold for the Initial Coin Offering.

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The cryptocurrency limit has been set at 100 million tokens for the ICO. The daily trading volume is relatively high and ranges from USD 200-470,000 due to the online game Beyond the Void. Most of the trading is done through the Bittrex exchange, on the NXC and Bitcoin pair. The daily trading volume here is 72 % of the overall NXC trading volume. The remaining 28% are also Bitcon and NXC pairing and are mostly traded at Poloniex.




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The value of Nexium depends solely on the success of the game itself, considering the fact its an indie game trying to battle AAA titles in the moba genre makes me doubt heavily it will gain any sort of significant market share. Waiting for the game’s official release on steam to see how the community reacts to it and buy accordingly.


  • They’ve had a good ICO, no scams, no complaints
  • ERC-20 complaint.
  • Team is active and participated in many conferences.
  • They are pretty open about the fact they lack man-power in the development department.
  • Everything is automatic, and ran with fine implemented smart contracts.
  • This would allow for players making in-game profit, to sell their coin out to exchanges and easily turn it into actual usable profit.
  • The game already provides early access, so this coin may already have decent potential.

  • Hard to find info on how their in-game economy works and what is the difference from it’s original Ethereum fork.
  • Their web appearance is a bit dull and uses average looking, common templates. They need a good web developer.
  • They have missed and delayed their milestones/goals on multiple occasions.
  • The success of the NXC coin is 100% based on the success of the game.
  • A game exploit where items could be mass duplicated and people could farm massive and real profits? This would also destroy the value of the coin itself.
  • There’s a limited amount of coins in circulation, and no new coins get created. This means it’s bound to dry out eventually…
  • The number of people that are interested for the game, seems to be extremely low.
  • No open Github repository, no insight showcasing their recent work.



Red Flag(s): 

  • The game wiki states that any items sold in-game from non-players that are “new” releases will experience a 50% profit burn. Does this 50% get taken from the players and given the devs, or go toward gas costs? The devs are already making 100% by selling the player the item originally, it would be pretty rough if they also took 50% of that items resale.
  • The developers hold 30% of the coins circulation. 15% is for themselves, and the other 15% is for “future marketing”.


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