What Is Bitquence Coin (BQX)?


Bitquence Coin (BQX) is the cryptocurrency of the decentralized platform Bitquence.

The crypto platform aims to bridge the gap between old and future financial technology.

On 05.12.2017 the price per BQX was $1.86 US dollars. In total, Bitquence has a market capital of 74,5 million US dollars, of which 10 million US dollars are traded daily.

In total there will be 222,295,208 Bitquence Coin. There are currently 71,285,927 shares in circulation.

Bitquence Coin – The Cryptocurrency

The Bitquence Coin primarily functions as an access token.

Only those who are in possession of BQX can access the platform and make use of the company’s services.

The coin is also used for the payment of fees. Also, there is the financing of API calls and the use of the liquidity network.

The platform’s operators expressly state that BQX is not used for profits or dividends. It also does not allow for a choice, via a proof-of-stake algorithm, about the company’s decisions.

It cannot be used as a control instrument over the company. The BQX Coin allows users to interact with other blockchains.

The platform also offers ERC20 contracts, which run via the Ethereum blockchain. Another advantage is the low transaction fees of the cryptocurrency with full control over your funds.

The cryptocurrency was developed with the underlying idea of user security and consistent regulation in mind.

Bitquence Coin – Functions

The vision of Bitquence is to make the cryptocurrency market accessible to everyone.

On the website, they state that they integrate the Blockchain developments into their platform. You stay up to date.

Apart from that, they want to democratize Bitcoin’s ownership structure. The operators provide six functions for users.

This includes the Bitquence Universal Wallet. This eWallet enables transactions from any cryptocurrency. There are no restrictions on a few cryptocurrencies.

It is also free of charge.

The cryptocurrency can be sent and received via a telephone number, bitquence ID or e-mail.

The BQX Liquidity Network gives users the freedom to hold, send, receive or withdraw assets. This applies to any form of assets held on the platform.

Another feature is the key management. Bitquence is promoting the use of the latest digital security technology to protect clients’ assets.

The diversification of own assets is offered to customers. With just one click, assets can be distributed to many different cryptocurrencies, which means that the investment risk is minimized.

There are pre-defined diversification plans which do not have to be used.

Everyone can decide for themselves which cryptocurrencies his or her asset can be allocated to.

Ultimately, the user base is a unique feature of the platform, although it does not have any co-determination rights in the company.

Bitquence offers the service of community consensus functions, community summaries and community ratings.

This provides good orientation for investors.


All in all, the Bitquence approach is simple. The company wants to create a new economy through swarm intelligence, an easy-to-use e-wallet, the liquidity network and asset diversification.

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