The first social advertising series about crypto traders has appeared on YouTube

If society urges to beware of driving fast or saving wild animals, then the crypto community has decided to support traders. The crypto market is now very unstable. “Do not distract the traders” and “Believe in traders” reads the slogans of an unusual social advertisement that appeared not so long ago in the network.

The authors of the video call for understanding and support of crypto traders in tense moments. The videos tell about several life situations when a young man’s work interferes with his relationship.

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The social advertising on the “protection of traders” was created by the project “Investy”. The project is a social network for traders and the topic is very close to them.

Of course, we convey our message using social advertising in a joking manner, – says Investy, – But we say serious things. In difficult times you need to support traders. They are engaged in very hard work, as someone might think. We hope that the workers of this sphere will show the videos to their loved ones, they will laugh together and draw conclusions for each other. The trader will devote more time to his beloved, and the loved ones will support the traders.

Note that social advertising really aroused interest and the number of views is growing every day.

The question of whether the “Investy” videos will continue has not yet been answered. But we will not forget about this.



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