Potential Disruption of Bitcoin Network and World’s Worst Mining Rig

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August 1 and the Potential Disruption of the Bitcoin Network

published: 14-Jul-17 1:52:30 +00:00

If youve been listening to the bitcoin community, youd know in about two weeks the bitcoin network may face some protocol changes. Due to the…


The guy who photobombed Janet Yellen with a “Buy Bitcoin” sign has received nearly $16000 in …

published: 14-Jul-17 9:45:00 +00:00

A mysterious man photobombed US Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen earlier this week, surreptitiously holding up a legal pad that read “Buy Bitcoin”…




Worlds Worst Bitcoin Mining Rig

published: 14-Jul-17 7:52:30 +00:00

Even if we dont quite understand whats happening in a Bitcoin mine, we all pretty much know whats needed to set one up. Racks of GPUs and…


Did a bitcoin bubble just burst?

published: 14-Jul-17 9:00:00 +00:00

Bitcoin and other so-called cryptocurrencies have plunged in value in recent weeks, prompting some observers to wonder whether thats a sign of a…


Indias Supreme Court Pushes Govt to Check Bitcoin Transactions

published: 14-Jul-17 9:56:15 +00:00

Indias Supreme Court has demanded the countrys central bank and the government to check for bitcoin transactions in relation to terrorism funding…



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