Eledator Announces Record-Breaking Investor Payout

London, United Kingdom, March 6th, 2024, Chainwire

Eledator, the first neuro-copy trading service, paid out record profits to investors for February 2024, with total investor profit reaching $7.61 million. Eledator’s team attributes this not only to the recent bull run in the cryptocurrency market, in which Bitcoin reached $69,000 per coin, but also to the development of the Eledator platform itself, including launching a partner program and holding offline conferences. Eledator founder Stephen Galante asserts that this is not the limit and is confident in further market growth and, of course, growth of his own platform. “We have grand plans for 2024,” Stephen states.

Eledator is the first platform for neuro-copy trading, enabling anyone to participate as an investor and providing an opportunity to earn returns on their deposits.

About Eledator

Eledator will continue to support and foster the copy trading community by offering innovative solutions and services for traders and investors. We are confident that with our collective efforts, our community will reach even greater heights in the coming year.


Mark Zantukelli
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