How is Bitcoin for blind people? Chinese put another nail in the Bitcoin coffin … 26.October

Did you ever think how could blind people use bitcoin? Or you just interested in reading more about Chinese fight against crypto?


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Bitcoin to hit $50000, surpassing Apples market cap in next 5 yrs – analyst

26-Oct-17 10:07:30 +00:00

The price of bitcoin will grow tenfold in the next decade with the cryptocurrencys market capitalization exceeding a trillion dollars, says an investment…


Inside Warren Buffetts master class on bitcoin, self-driving vehicles — and life

26-Oct-17 13:22:07 +00:00

Still, Buffett remains skeptical, saying: “You cant value bitcoin because its not a value-producing asset.” He added that theres no telling how far…


People are underestimating the great potential of bitcoin, billionaire Peter Thiel says

26-Oct-17 13:18:45 +00:00

People are underestimating bitcoin and it has great potential left, billionaire investor Peter Thiel said on Thursday. Speaking at the Future…


5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Price is Not Tulip Mania:

26-Oct-17 10:30:00 +00:00

Bitcoin is “not a bubble,” Nasdaq has said citing five reasons demonstrating why Bitcoin price is nothing like Tulip Mania. Increasing adoption as legal…


Suddenly, Cheeky Bitcoin Tops $6000, Ditching Analysts Bear Market

26-Oct-17 13:52:30 +00:00

Bitcoin is almost hitting $6,000 on major exchanges again Thursday as a seven percent daily uptick sees this weeks bear market left behind.


With BTCChina Ready to Stop Withdrawals, China Bitcoin Gates are Closing

26-Oct-17 14:15:00 +00:00

On Oct. 23, BTCChina, the largest Bitcoin trading platform in China, has updated an announcement that it will shut down the exchange business and…


The largest options exchange in the US is moving in on a $1.6 billion bitcoin opportunity

26-Oct-17 12:22:30 +00:00

Bitcoin presents a $1.6 billion revenue opportunity for exchanges, according to a wide-ranging report on cryptocurrencies by Bank of America Merrill…


Highs on the Radar? Bitcoin Retakes $5800 as Prices Edge Up

26-Oct-17 12:22:30 +00:00

After topping out at record highs above $6,100 on earlier this week, bitcoin met a wave of sell offers as investors switched to alternative…


Pantera Leads $5 Million Investment in Video Steaming Token Pre-Sale

26-Oct-17 11:46:03 +00:00

Whereas past projects attempting to create blockchain-based video networks used existing networks, mainly bitcoin and ethereum, Stream CEO Ben…


UK Asset Manager Adds Support for Ethereum Exchange-Traded Product

26-Oct-17 10:30:00 +00:00

UK-based asset manager Hargreaves Lansdown is moving to offer its customers access to two ethereum-based exchange-traded notes (ETNs).


Orchid creates Internet protocol to defeat censorship and surveillance

26-Oct-17 12:56:15 +00:00

The team: Orchids co-founders include entrepreneur and investor Steve Bell, former Pantera Capital partner Steve Waterhouse, former Ethereum…


Algeria Wants to Ban Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

26-Oct-17 12:03:24 +00:00

As different countries continue to regard Bitcoin in their own different ways, Algeria looks like it might be the next one to ban the cryptocurrency altogether. And it wont just be a case of establishments not accepting Bitcoin as an alternative form of payment; Algeria is actually looking to ban its use as well as Continue reading Algeria Wants to Ban Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies The post Algeria Wants to Ban Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies appeared first on NEWSBTC.


GMO Internet Revolutionizes the Cryptocurrency Mining Industry with 7nm Chips

26-Oct-17 13:00:53 +00:00

Most people assume there is no further progress to be made in the Bitcoin mining chip department. We have seen some major breakthroughs over the past few years already GMO Internet, a well-respected Japanese company, has made a shocking announcement. They will introduce 7nm Bitcoin mining chip to the public very soon. An interesting concept, Continue reading GMO Internet Revolutionizes the Cryptocurrency Mining Industry with 7nm Chips The post GMO Internet Revolutionizes the Cryptocurrency Mining Industry with 7nm Chips appeared first on NEWSBTC.


Central Bank of Singapore Sees No Reason to Regulate Cryptocurrencies

26-Oct-17 2:30:50 +00:00

Singapore has no plans to regulate cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, according to the head of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. However, some laws are being formalized that could apply to some cryptocurrency activities and initial coin offerings (ICOs). Also read: Putin Mandates Crypto and ICO Regulation Be Finalized by July 2018 No Plans to Regulate Bitcoin [] The post Central Bank of Singapore Sees No Reason to Regulate Cryptocurrencies appeared first on Bitcoin News.


Bitcoin Accessibility From a Blind Person’s Perspective

25-Oct-17 15:00:00 +00:00

Last week a fundraiser was started in order to get Satoshi Nakamoto’s original bitcoin white paper written in Braille for blind people. Thanks to the generosity of many bitcoin proponents, the projects funding was successfully completed, and the paper will soon be made available to the general public. Also read: UK’s Tickmill Adds Bitcoin to its [] The post Bitcoin Accessibility From a Blind Persons Perspective appeared first on Bitcoin News.



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