Greed and ICOs are the biggest danger for cryptocurrencies … 1.November




Bitcoin Gold Team Touts Safety Update Ahead of Coin Release

01-Nov-17 15:22:30 +00:00

The bitcoin gold development team has announced that it is adding support for two-way replay protection ahead of the networks expected launch.

Bitcoins Price Climbs Above $6600 to Reach New Market High

01-Nov-17 19:18:45 +00:00

The market ramp came hours after CoinDesks Bitcoin Price Index reported a first-ever high of $6,500 on November 1, pushing the total market…

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Italians Defy SegWit2x Fork as Deadline Nears, Bitcoin Volatility Due

01-Nov-17 13:52:30 +00:00

Expert group BHB Network has released its formal opposition to the SegWit2x hard fork on behalf of the Italian Bitcoin community. In a blog post…

Split or No Split? Bitcoin Miners See No Certainty in Segwit2x Fork

01-Nov-17 18:02:37 +00:00

And though its true those who run the computers that secure bitcoin can be evasive, theyre often also brash – a trait no doubt heightened by the fact…

Bitcoin futures may help the case for a bitcoin ETF

01-Nov-17 14:37:30 +00:00

ProShares and VanEcks applications for bitcoin exchange-traded funds have apparently stalled because the bitcoin futures they wanted to track dont…

Fed Governor Powell, the heavy favorite as next Fed chair, is watching bitcoin closely

01-Nov-17 18:45:00 +00:00

The heavy favorite to be named the next head of the U.S. central bank has indicated he isnt against bitcoin, but isnt embracing the idea of a central…

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What to Do if You Inherit $140 Million in Bitcoin?

01-Nov-17 15:32:59 +00:00

Say youve discovered a wad of cash in a secondhand coat or, more appropriately, a wad of virtual bitcoin on the hard drive of a used computer.

Bitcoin is too big to ignore, so exchanges are coming up with new ways to trade it

01-Nov-17 13:41:15 +00:00

Bitcoin is growing up. CME Group, the worlds largest derivatives exchange, said yesterday that it will create a futures contract for trading the…

Pre-order your new TREZOR model T!

01-Nov-17 13:18:07 +00:00

Wasnt Bitcoin white paper released on October 31st? … of the most pivotal and influential projects with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, mainly TREZOR,…

Amazon Subsidiary Registers Cryptocurrency and Ethereum Web Domains

01-Nov-17 16:52:30 +00:00

According to information from Whois Lookup, three domains –, and…

How to Defend Yourself from Scam ICOs: a Personal Story

01-Nov-17 18:56:15 +00:00

Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs, are very popular right now. This kind of Ethereum-based crowdfunding has a principal role in funding crypto-related…

Visa Approves Monaco Cryptocurrency Card for Singapore Residents

01-Nov-17 16:41:15 +00:00

Visa Inc. has approved a prepaid card backed by the cryptocurrency Monaco as the worlds largest payments network continues its foray into digital…

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CNBC Analyst: Reasons to Invest in Bitcoin, Possibility of $1 Trillion Market Cap

01-Nov-17 14:37:30 +00:00

Brian Kelly, a highly regarded CNBC analyst and founder of cryptocurrency-focused hedge fund BKCM, laid out three major reasons to invest in…

Hacking the ICO: How Greed Defeats the Industry

01-Nov-17 12:11:15 +00:00

Crypto veterans and sudden bloated crypto funds can hardly puzzle out in such a chaotic stream. The crypto community no longer reads the limitless…


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