Captain Altcoin + Altcoin Fantasy Bring You a Bitcoin and Crypto Trading Contest – Prize Pool of 3 Ethereum!

Curious about crypto trading but hesitant to lose money on an exchange? Why not try trading without the risk of losing money? Altcoin Fantasy is a free Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading simulator that prides itself on being the most realistic and fun simulator out there. It pulls trading data from real exchanges such as Binance, OKEx and Poloniex, with real time order book prices. It allows you to learn about crypto and how the markets move risk-free before you take the step of trading on an exchange. Altcoin Fantasy hosts free weekly trading competitions where you complete with other trades around the world. Best of all, the top traders can win real prizes, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and much more.

This week, Captain Altcoin and Altcoin Fantasy have partnered together to host a crypto trading competition.

Prize pool for the crypto trading contest:

1st place – 1 Ethereum ($188 USD value)

2nd place – 0.5 Ethereum ($47 USD value)

3rd place – 0.25 Ethereum ($47 USD value)

4th place – 0.25 Ethereum ($47 USD value)

5th place – 0.10 Ethereum ($18.80 USD value)

6th place – 0.10 Ethereum ($18.80 USD value)

7th place – 0.10 Ethereum ($18.80 USD value)

8th place – 0.10 Ethereum ($18.80 USD value)

9th place – 0.10 Ethereum ($18.80 USD value)

10th place – 0.10 Ethereum ($18.80 USD value)

11th place – 0.10 Ethereum ($18.80 USD value)

12th place – 0.10 Ethereum ($18.80 USD value)

13th place – 0.10 Ethereum ($18.80 USD value)

14th place – 0.10 Ethereum ($18.80 USD value)

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15th to 50th place – 500 ACF Points

ACF Points can be redeemed for Ethereum, BRD Wallet tokens, an Oculus Go and much more.

Here are the rules you need to know:

  1. The contest duration is 7 days
  2. Registration for the contest will begin on Wednesday, January 2 at 5:30PM PST
  3. Link to the contest:
  4. Every player will start with a $10,000 virtual portfolio
  5. The player with the highest net worth in their virtual portfolio at the end of the contest period will take 1st place

If you have any questions about the contest, rules of the contest or how to sign up or trade, please reach out to

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