’s Reliable Bitcoin Blender Elevates Crypto Anonymity to a New Level

Previous blender services lacked important features that made them resistant to blockchain analysis

With the crypto market in a full-fledged downturn, now may be the time to focus on protecting the digital assets you do have. Creating an anonymous environment for yourself and your digital assets has been made simple by the introduction of, a new and game-changing Bitcoin blender with the sole aim of making sure that cybercriminals and government agencies alike can’t track your moves or your money.

Blockchain analysis is the number one threat looming over cryptocurrency investors and yet very few are aware of what blockchain analysis is, or what it is capable of. In a nutshell, blockchain analysis solves the blockchain like a giant Sudoku puzzle, meaning it is able to run through countless transactions and combinations of transactions to come to conclusions about which wallets are connected and, frighteningly, who owns what on the blockchain.


BestMixer blender leads your digital assets to anonymity

The only defense against such analysis is first knowledge, then action. Knowledge of the fact that cryptocurrency isn’t anonymous but is instead merely pseudonymous, leading to the action of making sure your digital assets are anonymous and therefore untraceable by hackers looking to thieve your funds and governments looking to tax you for them.’s reliable bitcoin blender achieves this action by destroying the link between sending and receiving addresses.

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When you send your coins to the platform, they are deposited into one of three pools: Alpha, Beta, or Gamma. The Alpha pool uses a client to client service model wherein client coins are mixed together, split, and then returned as scrambled, anonymous digital currency. The Beta pool uses large funds from the Alpha pool and private reserves and is used mainly for very large volume exchanges. The Gamma pool is’s true innovation in the space and features a reserve funded strictly by private reserve and investors’ coins. These coins are guaranteed to be safe and clean in origin, meaning bitcoins mixed using the Gamma pool are blockchain analysis resistant now and forever.

In order to keep clients from receiving their own coins back in subsequent mixes, the first order comes complete with a discount code. That code can be entered during subsequent Alpha and Beta pool mixes to avoid receiving the same coins back and is also good for receiving a cumulative discount code that grows with each use. Because the Gamma pool requires the highest amount of maintenance and upkeep of all three tiers, the discount code does not apply to it.

Clients new to will be pleased to find that using the web’s most trusted bitcoin blender is explained clearly and simply in this step-by-step video tutorial on how to mix btc. To further ensure that new users achieve the highest-level anonymity possible using, the development team has implemented a Mixing Strength Meter which clients can use to gauge the depth of their mix.


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