Altcoin Fantasy, creators of the popular and fun crypto trading simulator game, partners with Intelligent Trading Foundation to make it easy for crypto traders to make the right trading decision

November 26, 2018 – Vancouver, BC

Altcoin Fantasy is partnering with Intelligent Trading Foundation to give away $420 USD of prizes for the next fantasy crypto trading competition. The competition will start on November 27 and will end on December 6. Sign up to play for free now at Altcoin Fantasy.

Altcoin Fantasy and Intelligent Trading Foundation are partnering together to help crypto traders make the right trading decisions in the volatile, noisy and complex crypto trading space. The partnership will help achieve one of Altcoin Fantasy’s goals of educating consumers on blockchain and crypto trading in a risk-free way.

Altcoin Fantasy is a free and realistic cryptocurrency trading simulator and their mission is to help people learn about blockchain, crypto and crypto trading in a fun, welcoming and safe way. Altcoin Fantasy hosts free trading competitions and players learn about the different cryptocurrency projects and how to trade during the competitions. Players get rewarded with real prizes such as free Bitcoin for improving their knowledge and skills. Altcoin Fantasy has already given away over $25,000 USD in prizes to date this year.  No experience is needed to play and all levels are welcome.

“We see crypto trading as the future of stock trading. Today we have investment products such as stock mutual funds or index funds. We are already starting to see crypto index funds and crypto investment products as a whole will only grow,” says Cynthia Huang, CEO of Altcoin Fantasy. “A huge part of that adoption is educating consumers about how cryptocurrencies work and reducing the risk and downside as much as possible. That’s why we’re excited by ITF’s trading bot which cuts out all the noise and just gives you the important signals you need to pay attention to when trading, while minimizing the risk of making the wrong trade.”

Intelligent Trading Foundation (ITF) provides crypto traders with concise cryptocurrency trading signals so they can make the right trading decision, every time. ITF’s technology monitors thousands of real-time data points, identifies opportunities using machine learning algorithms and technical analysis, then provides its users with actionable alerts they can trade on. They do all the hard work of sorting through the data so that traders can focus on making trades. With ITF, it’s never been easier to take advantage of trending markets while protecting the downside.

Altcoin Fantasy is available on the web and on mobile from the Apple App store and the Google Play store.

Sign up for free now to learn, play and win.

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